Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is the first thing that alerted me last night something wasn't quite right.
Those were Ann's first words when she walked through the door last night. I couldn't help but laugh.
She and her friends went to a wrestling meet and then out to eat and got home around 11:00. To make things even worse for the evening they also showed up at Applebees about 20 minutes before we left. How embarrassing.
Blake and I had the night with just the little two (everyone else was out) so we went to the grocery store and Applebees. We left at 7:15 and got home around 9:45 and this is what we saw.
I laughed so hard all the way up the driveway. Ann has done her share of TPing in the last year and a half and it had come back to haunt her big time.
Of course I had to call her cell when we got home and share the experience and remind her that SHE would be cleaning the trees today.
"I can't believe anyone would hate me this much? How do you know Jesse's friends didn't do it?"
DUH. They are in 8th grade and do not have license and there were tire marks where the car turned around. More importantly Jesse hasn't TPed so there really wasn't any reason for someone to bother him.
Then she asked if the boys "could" help. Of course they could help but I wasn't going to have them. You got yourself into this. You get yourself out.
Paybacks are such a bum deal (especially when your mom is laughing her head off). :) :) :)

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