Thursday, January 31, 2008


The ice and snow were due to start about two and a half hours ago according to the 5:00 news. Nothing yet. I am going to bed. We just might miss it again. :)
Now I know storms work at their own pace and all but it seems like around here every snow shower is built into a huge blizzard. So I am going to bed with the intention of getting up at 6:15 like every other morning and moving the kids out of bed.
Funny thing is all three kids want to go to school.
Ann wants to go because tomorrow night is supposed to be "girls night" here at our house and bad weather will call it off.
Jesse wants to go because... well I am really not sure why he wants to go. Must be a girl involved somewhere.
Sam wants a friend to spend the night after basketball practice. No school, no practice, no friend, etc..
Oh well. God knows what he is doing. I do have to admit I kind of wanted everyone to stay home tomorrow so a few of their messes could be cleaned up before the weekend.
To be continued.....


Marvin is having a bad day therefore we are all having a bad day.
He just woke up grouchy. I know we all have days like this but....
He has been almost mean. He has told Anabeli she was bad, he was going to make her take a nap, he wasn't her friend. She of course is more than willing to oblige with a blood scream which makes him laugh and want to be mean again.
We have had several good weeks lately so a bad day is not that big of a deal. I am sure we are all three grating on each other's nerves.
It is so cold outside and the winter storm has once again been revised to four inches of snow and 1/2 inch of ice. This is a definite improvement from Tuesday when they were calling for 8 inches of snow. But even last night they predicted 1 inch of snow.
Guess we will need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what we get. We sure can't change it.
Tonight is the new season of Lost. I can't wait. I think it has been since the old "Miami Vice" days since I have been so wrapped up in a show.

What shall we do with that brother of mine????Sam got a at little smile from him.

Nothing like playing a little BB in the front hall to entertain yourself.

Are you watching me? Am I going to get in trouble for playing so close to the lamp and flowers again???

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today is a day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
That thought has been running through my mind all day.
I am rejoicing. Nothing out of the usual has happened. We didn't win the lottery (we don't even play). We didn't inherit money. We don't have a fortune in the bank. We don't have a fantastic vacation planned. NOTHING but every day ordinary life.
I am still rejoicing. I have six wonderful children, an adorable husband, a nice car to drive everyone around in, a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes for everyone. God has provided all my needs and many, many of my wants.
I am rejoicing in His love for me, His desire for me to be closer to Him and the world he has put around me.
Life isn't always a bowl of cherries but it is up to me how I react. I want more than ever to just rejoice. Rejoice in the promise of eternal life. Rejoice in the promise that God will meet my needs according to His great riches. Rejoice that I AM LOVED by the creator of the universe.
How awesome is that? The One who created this entire universe wants to be my friend and show me His love. He wants to walk and talk to me. He wants to me tell Him my problems and concerns. He wants me to put my trust in Him. He wants me to be happy.
That is what I am rejoicing in. Everything else doesn't even matter.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well things have been busy today.
I did finally get a new car yesterday. It is gorgeous. We ended up going with a blue Navigator Lincoln. I am really happy with the choice although it seems bigger than the van that is for sure. I am getting the hang of driving it though. It is four wheel drive too. That will come in handy on our long driveway if it snows. It seats 8 which was really important.
We all know it is not going to happen, but the weatherman is predicting ice tonight and then on Thursday night we are supposed to get up to 10 inches of snow and then ice on top of it.
To us in Central Ohio that seems like a lot. But it never really fully develops so I am not concerned. But just to be sure we went grocery shopping tonight. The stores will be a zoo on Wednesday and Thursday. We stocked up on important things like milk, juice, chips, pop, and anything else the boys get throw in the cart while I wasn't looking.
Tomorrow after school the boys will bring wood from the wood pile up to the back porch just in case the electric would go out. We lose our electric at a drop of a hat so it will be nice to be prepared.
So we will make all the preparations to prevent the weather from getting bad. Of course if we didn't do it we would get snowed in.
To be honest I am hoping for a snow day on Friday. I would like to have the kids home to give their rooms and good cleaning and help me sort a few closets, etc. They want to go to school if that is what they have to do. :) I like three day weekends.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Today is picture day, picture day. (I am singing).

HELLO Mr. PGN? My mommy and daddy said it is time for me to come home. Could you please get right on that for us? Thanks Jake

My little Jake is growing up. He has 12 teeth and can sit, stand and walk and can say 10 words! Such a big boy. He has also gained 6 pounds since last time (about six weeks ago). It is wonderful to see him so happy.

I heard my brothers and sisters are wanting me to come home. I'll show em who is boss.

This is my favorite picture. He just looks so content. He must have a great foster mom. He is growing, eating and talking. I can't wait to meet her.

He has such gorgeous hair and it looks like it might be curly like his big brother Jesse's hair was when he was that age.

This looks almost like Marvin at this age.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is the first thing that alerted me last night something wasn't quite right.
Those were Ann's first words when she walked through the door last night. I couldn't help but laugh.
She and her friends went to a wrestling meet and then out to eat and got home around 11:00. To make things even worse for the evening they also showed up at Applebees about 20 minutes before we left. How embarrassing.
Blake and I had the night with just the little two (everyone else was out) so we went to the grocery store and Applebees. We left at 7:15 and got home around 9:45 and this is what we saw.
I laughed so hard all the way up the driveway. Ann has done her share of TPing in the last year and a half and it had come back to haunt her big time.
Of course I had to call her cell when we got home and share the experience and remind her that SHE would be cleaning the trees today.
"I can't believe anyone would hate me this much? How do you know Jesse's friends didn't do it?"
DUH. They are in 8th grade and do not have license and there were tire marks where the car turned around. More importantly Jesse hasn't TPed so there really wasn't any reason for someone to bother him.
Then she asked if the boys "could" help. Of course they could help but I wasn't going to have them. You got yourself into this. You get yourself out.
Paybacks are such a bum deal (especially when your mom is laughing her head off). :) :) :)


About a year ago I found my sister's car in a parking lot. It was a pure luck. So I thought I would help her out by decorating it.
Secret tip here: Ann was really in to TPing with her friends at this time. She was more than willing to help me out because my sister is a real prankster in her own right.
Any guess on what happened to us last night? Paybacks are such a bummer. Ann knows that now.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Questions

I was tagged. If you want to put this on your blog or copy for email, please feel free.

Tomorrow: Sam Basketball game, Jesse all day wrestling meet, Blake on call so it leaves me not knowing if I am doing this alone or not.

Feeling: Stressed. I have been cleaning and picking up all day and you can't tell.

Happy Because: tonight Annie, Anabeli and I are having a girls night out and shopping for Annie's spring clothes.

Today I : cleaned up, did two loads of laundry, fed M and A breakfast and lunch, went looking for a new car AGAIN.

Laundry: Done until A, J and S clean their rooms tomorrow. Then I am sure it will be lots.

Something I know: I can do this and get organized.

Currently reading: Germ This is a great book. Talks about germ warfare. I really didn't know if I would like it but I can't put it down. I am not usually someone who likes books I am more for sappy love stories. Very action oriented.

Wanting: My son to come home from Guatemala. Other than absolutely nothing.

Favorite gadget: pizza cutter for cutting the little ones food, my Ipod, my cell phone.

Thankful that: All of my children are healthy and safe and that I have a wonderful husband.

Wondering why: I can't get motivated to lose weight. I can't stay organized anymore. Why I am so ditzy. I am not a true blond so it doesn't make sense.

So that is all about me you probably ever wanted to know and more than you care about!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is a special post for all my friends who are working not only in the home but also outside the home.

I don't know how you do it!! You work all day, come home and cook supper, clean, attend children's activities, luandry and tons of other things. You are awesome!!

I think of two people in particular that I have met, DebbieT and KathyG.

Deb works and manages a home with four children. Kathy is a single mom with a daughter.

You guys are my heroes. After a long hard day at work you still manage to give your kids and home your all!

To all of you single or work outside the home moms, my hat is off to you.

If no one else tells you this week, this month or this year, know that I understand what you are doing and I appreciate you. You are a blessing to me. I don't think I could manage everything you do.

When it all comes down to the end of the day don't worry, your spouse and your children appreciate all you do too. Sometimes we get so lost in the fray of things we forget to tell the ones who mean the most to us just how much they mean.

They appreciate you too.

Hang in there and know lots of us look up to you.


Blake and I were so fortunate to be able to go to The Big Island, Hawaii in August. He had a medical conference and I went along for the ride.
While downloading today I found these pictures. We had such a fantastic time.
Each morning while he was at his meeting I would sit on our room porch and stare out. I learned several things while I was there. I hope I never forget what I saw.
1- The ocean rolled in and out constantly. The sound of the waves was one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. As I would listen I couldn't help but wonder where that water had been.
2- A piece of driftwood was washing up one morning. It was so neat. It didn't fight the waves. It was just pushed slowly into shore. The one thing that struck me most that day was God's presence. We can be like that driftwood if we let ourselves. We have to learn to roll with the punches and not fight. God will roll us into a safe shore.
3- This tree was gorgeous. You can see where the soil has washed away but yet the roots go very deep below the ground. It is gnarled and winding but it is still strong. The roots are deep into the ground. I guess it it pretty obvious what lesson God taught me there. "Be like a tree planted by the water. Grow your roots deep into God and into the Bible."

One afternoon we took a helicopter around the island. The waterfalls were my favorite part. The water was so beautiful. It just looked so clean and fresh.

This was our hotel's beach. The picture really doesn't show how vibrant and beautiful it was.
The one thing I will NEVER, EVER forget:
One morning I was walking the beach by myself and enjoying the view. I remember praying about some things bothering me and then I thanked God for such a beautiful spot in the world and how majestic it was.

He spoke to my heart and what He said I will never forget. "I'm glad you like it. I made it just for you to enjoy on this date in time. "
How real His presence was. To think when he was creating the world He thought of me in August 2007! It opened my eyes to a new level of awe. Every day He has made just for me to enjoy. He thought all about me while he was creating it.
How awesome is that? Love. He loved me enough to think of me. WOW.
That is deeper than any ocean.


It is still so cold here. Wind chills today are single digits or 0. No play date today. It is just too cold to get everyone out. The wind is whipping around so hard.
So we have had a "take it easy day." It has been great.
M and A played with play doh and I was able to get caught up on bills, etc.

I did want to post a few pictures I found when I downloaded my camera onto the laptop! They are older but my favorites.
Jesse is such a good big brother I couldn't help but post these great pictures from Christmas.
Marvin and Jesse finishing Christmas dinner at my parents. It was so yummy. My sister makes this great red jello and Jesse told Marvin all about it. He couldn't wait to share with him.

The five youngest cousins.

Maggie is 7.

Marvin, Anabeli and Libbie are all three.

Brandon is 16 months.
He might be the youngest but he sure keeps the rest of the kids on their toes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am tired. Tomorrow I am going to take pictures for the blog of my two little kiddos along with my little nephew. He is soooo adorable.

Blake had today off and we had so many things to wrap up. I am having a hard time focusing on all this alone because it is so danged confusing for me.

BUT we are up to something...... Hopefully I can post more information on that soon. I am sure all of my family is thinking, "Oh no are they going to adopt AGAIN?"

Blake also helped me make major decisions today. We are in the process of thinking about a home loan for all the remodeling we have put off due to three adoptions in three years.

So today's decisions that he made for me; it is so much easier that way.

1- We are doing the away with the dining room and growing our kitchen to about four times its size. That makes me happy although it has been a painful decision of about five months. This will open up a wide area. Our kitchen now is like a galley kitchen, sort of but not really and space it tight to walk around in. We are hoping to get the kitchen designers in next week. YEAH

2- We are now thinking about a new van. Again, I was supposed to have this done by now but with the PGN kick out I have a little longer. I can't see me driving around in one of those 12 seater vans but I haven't found a good alternative for 8 passengers yet. We really want something that everyone can fit into once in a while.

3- I am going to order Anabeli the bed we like on Pottery Barn in the next week or so. I have liked this bed but continued to put it off in hopes I would find something similar at a yard sale this summer. What a hassle. Sometimes I waste too much time thinking and not enough time doing.

4- We finally have the bathroom laid out enough we can get back with the builder on that. Oh my word, this has been such a major deal for me.

5- We bought groceries which was an eye opening experience for Blake. He hasn't had much pleasure of grocery shopping with M and A. I think he was worn out. All he did was push the cart and hold Marvin's hand! I find it so funny that he gets so tired from what I do almost every day. Welcome to my LIFE.

But seriously he has been such a help for me. I tend to not see the forest for the trees and all this planning junk just gets constantly shifted to the back burner. He made me sit down and think today and make a few decisions and goals. Some days I have to wonder about myself. It was also nice just to sit and talk for a change.

We went to Panera Bread (YUM) for lunch and I met another adoptive mom from China. She was really nice and easy to talk to so we exchanged phone numbers. It will nice to have someone who understands a little of this process to talk to in my own back yard. She is also "older" like me and it is refreshing to see I am not the only"oldest mom in the group". Happens a lot with Sam in elementary school and to think I still have three behind him.

Thank God for a husband who is willing to look over my fault of not getting things done. It was nice to know he was willing to jump in today and help me organize my thoughts. What a disorganized mess my brain is sometimes. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am off to bed after an exciting albeit frustrating day.
Tomorrow will be a better day and I am excited to get back in PGN.
Please pray for us, Jake and also all the other parents in our situation.
At this time the new authority in charge of adoptions seems to be confused and causing a lot of confusion for everyone else.
Most parents do not have a clue what needs to be done to put their case back in to PGN (including us) and what holds true today might not be true tomorrow.
Also my heart weighs so heavy when I think of all the little dolls left without hope of adoption. It is so cruel. Many birthmoms are be turned away with their children. What is to become of these angels? Can a government be so callous they just don't care?
Please remember these precious little children in prayer. They have done nothing wrong and yet they will be suffering so much.
I remember the song we sang in Sunday School,
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
red, yellow, black and white
they are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world.
God please keep all the little children around the world in Your hands. Please don't let them suffer needlessly. Bring a ray of hope and love to their little lives.


No joke. I could write a book but no one in their right mind would believe it is not fiction. Things happen to me that don't happen to "normal" people.

So everyone out of bed. Let's get moving to get these papers state certified. Etc. Now Anabeli is not a morning girl for anything so insert a deafening scream, whining, "I can't walk", "My yegs (legs) broke." and pulling the covers over her head, etc.

Finally we are up, dressed and out the door. I treated with McDonald's breakfast on the way hoping to make her happier. She smiled and was pleasant the rest of the day.

As a matter of fact, both kids were EXTREMELY well behaved for the rest of this story.

First we have to go one county over to get out two affidavits county notarized.

I try to go through security but evidently the "big diamonds" (Anabeli's take on my cheap pants) on my pants sent me off. Two times and then the police said, "Oh well go on through." No checking no nothing. He was a nice guy and funny too but PLEASE. How did he know I was a nice person?

The county clerk of courts didn't know how to do this. No joke. So I had to explain to them what our county does and of course it isn't the kind of thing you just pull out of your purse.

Finally they find a "format" in the computer and print it out except they use January 22, 2006!!!!! So I explained the date is wrong. Took two other ladies to "confirm" yup the date is wrong. DUH.

She redoes it. Now the whole office is really nice and the ladies were just pleasant to talk to.

So I am assuming all she had to do was change the date. Took the forms, thanked them, they gave the kids smarties and we left. They didn't charge us because they didn't know how. Okay.

Get in the car and get 30 minutes into a 60 minute drive and for some reason while I was stopped picking up Marvin's cup I look at the papers.

The date now reads Tursday, January 22, 2008. WHAT??????? You have got to be kidding me.

Go on down to the state certification. Tracy (does anyone find it odd I know the lady's name who does the Guatemala certifications???) calls back up and really gives it to them and tells them it needs to be done right.

They tell us to come back up. We drive back up and that is when I notice one of our affiddavits spelled Blake's name wrong. (throwing up with frustration at this point. No joke!)

So I call my mom and she rescues me by hijacking into my email and sends Leslie the affidavit which she fills out again, signs, notarizes and I pick up. AGAIN.

It took about six hours to do a three hour job. But it is done and in the mail on its way to Chicago for the Guatemalan consulate's office.

Like I said, things like this only happen to me. I don't know if I am just too goofy to pay attention or what.

Anway God whispered to me again today. He said, "Calm down and take it eay. It will all work out in the end." To be honest I wasn't near as stressed out as I thought I would normally be.

Anyway tomorrow life is back to normal, whatever that is. Hopefully this will be PGNs only complaint.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I KINGS 9: 11-12

11 The LORD said, "Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by." Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. 12 After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.

These verses have always been a comfort to me. Elijah was feeling so sorry for himself. His words were, "I am the only one left and now they are trying to kill me too." Sounds pitiful. What is even worse was God had asked him (several times), "What are you doing here Elijah?"

How many times have we been in Elijah's place having a pity party and saying "I am the only one left?" He was hiding in a cave for goodness sake. But yet God found him. I am so thankful there is no place we can hide that God can't find us.

God could have just let him be but rather he called him out of the cave and said He would pass by. From the sound of it, a huge storm ripped the mountains to almost shreds but then it also says "but the Lord was not in the winds" or for that matter the earthquake or the fire. All three of these things are so powerful and could all be used to show His Majesty.

But He chose to speak in a gentle whisper. Sometimes it is easier to hear a storm, earthquake or fire but God choses a gentle whisper. Really a breath of fresh air so to speak.

Today all kinds of doubts and fears have filled my mind. I really don't want to go through another horrendous PGN stay that leaves me drained emotionally and physically. My thoughts were about that all day long.

I prayed for God to be easy on me this time. In my heart the thunder has rolled, the earthquake has come and gone and the fire is out. Then God whispered to me while I was folding laundry.

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

This has always been a favorite scripture of mine dating back to 1999 and a really confusing time for us as a family. But tonight even though I have thought of this verse probably a thousand times, something jumped out.

"plans to give you hope" Hope is all we really need. Hope is what He gives us. Hope is another way He holds us. Hope is a form of God's love. Hope will keep me strong no matter what lies ahead.

I am resting tonight in His hope.

The Affidavits are done

Thank God we have the paperwork done (or at least as much as we can do today).
Two of Blake's colleagues that know both of us were able to sign at lunch time and we already have them notarized.
So early tomorrow morning I will take M and A to get them county certified. Then off to Columbus to get them state certified. There is a fed ex box at the corner in front of the office so they will be in Chicago by Wednesday morning.
I have a courier to take them to the consulate on Wednesday afternoon and I am hoping to have them back to me by next Monday ready to go to Guatemala.
Now I can only hope this new Central Authority junk doesn't slow us down.
Then once we enter back into PGN the wait begins again.
On the bright side, at least I know Reviewer 1 has looked over our file. UGH
Please think positive thoughts for me....and a couple of prayers would be nice too. :)


I am so disgusted. We just got the email from our agency.
Our affidavit's were kicked out. So now I need to find two NEW people. They don't want the same ones to sign a NEW form. It is a little different. Oh and by the way they can't use the word "friend" on the forms. What is up with that????
I have people ready to fill out the form BUT today is MLK day and the courthouse is closed to certify the notary's stamp. SO..... Here we sit.
Plus since we were kicked out we fall under the new Central Authority in Guatemala that isn't even up and running yet.
I am so tired of being jerked around by the government in Guatemala.
This isn't fair!!! Is it so wrong to want my baby boy to come home soon????
Pity Party time. WWWWAAAHHHH.
Ok that is over and now I have to get back to work and get these affidavit's taken care of.
Pout Pout Stomp Stomp

Saturday, January 19, 2008


My word it is so cold here. The temperature right now is 9 above zero. It is also very windy and we have a wind chill advisory for tonight and tomorrow.

I am getting so old. We went to Sam's basketball game today and then took him to Red Lobster for a lunch/supper (Blake calls it a lupper.) All I could think of was getting home and warming up.
We had a great lunch and Blake and the boys decided to go and see a movie tonight. Ann, of course, had a basketball game of her own she wanted to go to with a girlfriend or 12. I was amazed anyone wanted to leave home once we got there.

So that left me, Anabeli and Marvin. I thought I would stop by with them and see my parents before the sun went down and it really got cold.
I cannot believe what happened when I called. My parents were out for the afternoon/evening with my sister, BIL and nephew. This was a total shocker to me. After all, I am young enough to, well be their daughter, and I just wanted to be home and warm and they were out 60 miles from home in the cold.
I never thought this would happen. So I had told the two of them we would go visit grandpa and grandma before I called not even in my wildest dreams imagining they would be out tonight. They keep asking, "When are we going to papaw's?" Ooops.
So we are just home, warm and enjoying Nick Jr. I would have never in my wildest dreams 20 year ago guessed this would be a satisfying Saturday night for me.
Yesterday I couldn't find M and A for while I started looking around. They were in the foyer sitting on the floor playing in a sunbeam. Marvin said, "Mommy it is warm here." It was so cute.

They remind me of Trixie in Hi and Lois looking for Mr. Sunbeam.

This is how I found them later. They really just enjoyed the warmth of the sun through the window.


Michael Jordan BEWARE---- SAM is playing professionally for elementary school now.

What a switch. We only had one sporting event today and it was a home game. YEAH.
No wrestling for Jesse so it was only Sam's Basketball and that is good because it is cold outside.
They won today. I am not sure of the exact score because, like usual, Anabeli needed to check out the bathroom in the last few seconds.
I do know Sam made two baskets and had at least three assists and two steals. He is so serious when he plays.

Last minute instructions before the game.

I WILL get that BALL. I think I can, I think I can.

I will say it one last time, "Give me the ball now."

Friday, January 18, 2008


"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass -- it's about learning how to dance in the rain." ---Anonymous

I want to dance in the rain today. Even with a cold. Life is too short to huddle in a corner waiting for the ligthening and thunder of the storm to pass. Don't be afraid.

Get out there with me and dance like crazy. You will feel better. I do.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Sorry but I am feeling pretty coldish so no new posts on Anabeli's room. I will probably be off tomorrow cause I can tell this cold is going to be miserable.
Be back soon.


Sam takes everything and runs full force with it. He has decided to play the Sax in the school band.
He wants to be a jazz player after he is out of the NFL of course. He loves to practice. Last night he played for an hour.
He is getting much better.
His favorite is "When The Saints Go Marching In."
Keep Going Little Guy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My Little Party Girl. She stayed up on New Year's Eve and rang in the New Year with us.

Okay. It is time for a little help from you. I know there have been lots of new lurkers out there and I want you to jump in and help me too.

Anabeli's room was recently painted a color called "Marshmallow Bunny Pink". It is gorgeous. It is a very light pink like a cotton candy color. Her windows are up high. She has a slanted ceiling that is painted the same color as the walls. She has light beige carpet. Maybe I will post a picture tomorrow when I have day light.

Anyway, I need help with deciding what to do now. If I don't make a decision soon it will never get done. I am so not good with decisions.

She will get a double bed and a dresser, probably the vintage iron look by Pottery Barn or something similar and cheaper.

Should I go with pastels of pinks, blues, greens and yellows for the bedspread and accessories OR do I take the road less traveled and go for the pink and chocolate???

Annie thinks pink and chocolate. My sister, Sandra, thinks she might be a little young for this. I am SO LOST....

So cast your vote and help us out. I was so excited about having a little girl again when we started adopting her but I have been hanging out with boys so long I am confused about little girls. :( When I asked Bell she wanted "Hawses" so I showed her some cute little equestrian bedding and she said, "No like Pretty Ponies". I don't want PP so that is not an option. I am so tired of seeing that child with a PP in her hands or worse yet stepping on one at night. They hurt.

Bell would rather dance and sing than watch a movie. She is an outgoing little girl who likes mud as much as flowers. She is always smiling and I want this to be just right.

Please help by voting.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Not much new today but I am thinking and crying.

Marvin asked me today if I was his real mom. The question came out of nowhere. I am totally blown away. Of course I said yes.
He said, "Why you hair not like mine? You from Guatemala?"
My heart is broken. Not that he would question me. I expected this, maybe not this soon.
But how can you possibly explain to a child at any age the sacrifice his mother made to make sure he had a better life?
Only another mother could understand the depth of such an act. Only another mother could understand the love she must have had. You my adoptive friends know the feeling I am talking about.
My heart is breaking for Marvin's mother, Anabeli's mother and Jacob's mother.
What would it be like to know you have a child somewhere in a far off land that had another family? How much would your heart break on birthdays? Would you think of your child every day? Would you imagine what they look like? Would you wonder about their health and well being?
I don't have these answers for them but I can only guess as a mother they come to her mind each day.
If I could write a letter to each of them it would say:

Thank you for your sacrifice. It is because of you I am a mother of six beautiful children.
Don't worry about him/her. He has more than enough to eat. More toys than he could ever play with. More clothes than any child needs. More vacations and holidays than he will ever remember.
But most of all he has love. The undying love of two parents who believe he is the light of the world. He is our son/daughter and our world revolves around him. Brothers and sisters that have a tight sibling love, not just blood felt but heart felt are here.
Each day I thank God for the priveleges of being a parent to all my children.
We are bound as a family by love. You are also now a part of our family. I think of you and wish so much you could see how precious your child is.
Every once in a while I will notice a feature that makes me think of you. I have poured over the DNA photo I have of you. I know your facial features. I can see you when I close my eyes and in the face of your child.
In Marvin I see your eyes. They are beautiful.
In Anabeli I see you lips. So full and model like.
In Jake I see your curly hair, beautiful and black.

But more than that I see your will to live. You are a survivor. He/she is a survivor.

More than being boung by love, we are bound by a greater plan. God destined these children to be a part of our family at the moment of conception. I fully believe it was His plan for us to be a family. You had a choice to bring life to term or take it away before birth. Thank you for giving life. Every day I watch as they live their lives and grow. It is wonderful.

Please don't ever feel bad for giving life or choosing adoption. It is because of you we are a happy big family. Sure we have our moments. Every family does. But at the end of each day I thank God for my husband, my biological children, my heart grown children and your their mothers.

I am expecting big lives from the three Guatlings we share. God has it all planned out. I can't wait to see how His plan is fulfilled for all six of my children. It is exciting to think and imagine what they will be like as adults.

It is my prayer God will watch and protect you. I also pray he will allow you to have a calm heart and a satisfying life. The children we share as mothers are loved by not only earthly parents but more importantly by their Heavenly Father.

With a Mother's love,

Monday, January 14, 2008


Remember that song from the Bangles?? "Just Another Manic Monday..."

Today was that day.

Sam hates school. That is blunt but it is the truth. So every Sunday night I start dreading Monday morning. He is impossible to deal with. He always wants to just stay home. It has always been that way. He fusses until I drop him off.

Well today he got his wish. He stayed home even though he wasn't sick. He had to take care of his little brother and sister while I made yet another trip to the ER.

Last week everyone but Ann had the stomach virus. She caught it last night. By this morning she was dehydrated and weak. She got up to tell me she was wasn't going to school. I heard the awfulest noise upstairs. BANG!

I knew immediately it was her hitting the floor. I was sort of right. On the way down her nose and chin caught the edge of her bed.

So at 7:00 this morning I ran upstairs to find her laying beside the bed with a bloody nose. We got that settled down and I helped her get up and noticed a deep gash under her chin.

Her dad actually saw muscle in the gash and she needed a trip to the ER to sew it up.

After five stitches and a bag of IV fluids she left feeling much better.

My poor baby has not had stitches before. She was a little nervous. So we had to take a picture of her first boo-boo.

Get better soon Annie.




What better way to try out new underwear??? This allows you to at least wear two new pairs (or maybe three if you make handcuffs) at a time.

They ran around like this all day.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Dear Jacob

To understand Jake's story I need to give a little bit of background.

Anabeli came home in December 2006 after a hard hard adoption. She was two years old. Never again would we put ourselves through such anguish and pain. She did a wonderful job bonding and we watched her join right in quickly.

She needed one more postplacement visit done when our social worker did not renew her license because she was taking on a new job. We scrambled to find an angency to allow us to finished our last post placement. Now the real story begins.

Way back before Anabeli came home in the evenings I would occasionally get on a photolisting website (you know the precious one) and just look. I can honestly say although every child was beautiful not one "spoke" to me.
But in January of 07 a little boy was put on that was adorable. I only remember him because of his unusual name. He was in a hogar and had the most gorgeous eyes. He looked like my Marvin.

In March he showed up on Rainbow and I was amazed he didn't have a home. Still nothing.

Late May I noticed this same little guy showed up again on precious with a new agency and just moved to a foster home. Blake was standing there and asked me about him. Together we wrote a small inquiry to the agency.

The next day the usual paperwork came through. I talked to Tracey, our facilitator. Jake was removed from the orphanage and give to her attorney. He was behind in motor skills because he had been left pretty much in his crib. He was in a new home and was making progress.
Three kids under four. That was the only thing I could think about. Three kids under four plus two teenagers and one preteen. I was already up to my eyeballs.

One night Blake asked me to pull up his listing. I did. He looked at him, looked at me and said, "That's my son."
The next day was a flurry of paperwork, etc. We knew Guatemala was facing huge changes and we also knew getting things started had to be done.

Called the home study agency and changed from post placement to new visit and post placement. Gathered paperwork. Since this was the third time things were done within three weeks and we were waiting on the homestudy to finish.

We went on vacation. Our homestudy lady was one vacation. We were fingerprinted for the FBI. Things moved quickly to say the least. We had our 171H in record time.

So by the middle of September DNA was done and social worder report was worked up. Preapproval from the US Embassy was issued in late October and the Social worker report was done in November.
We hit PGN December 27, 2007. So now the wait begins. I have tried to stay at a distance away to keep from becoming attached to the little guy. Guatemala adoption is so volatile and right now things are even worse.

As of January 9 we were still on the desk of the first reviewer. We had one kick out with Marvin and about eight or so with Anabeli. Guess I am not really expecting things to go without a kick out but it sure would be nice. My guy turned one in August and I can't wait to hold him.

And I guess that is the story of our new little Jake. His daddy is dying to get to Guatemala and get him. Every day he asks if we have any news. Hopefully soon we can report good news!
Last week I found out he is now walking. Big steps for a little boy who could hardly do much more than roll over a few months ago.
Please keep us in your prayers. Also pray that Jacob stays healthy and well.

How many brothers and sisters???? Come on now I put in a request to be an only child.

Watch out guys. There's a new sheriff coming to town and he knows a little about making raspberries.

I'm bored. Please PGN let me go home.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Too Big, Too Small

About a month ago I decided I needed lamps for the family room. It was just too dark. I went after floor lamps and came home with three table top lamps, two belong in the family room and one in the hall off the main living area that was too dark.
So after almost a month (give me a break Christmas was in there) I put them in the family room last night.
When I first got them home I took a small table that I didn't like in the family room out and used it for the hall light. Well last night I needed the table. So the hall light was sitting on the floor.
DH and I decided to take a break and go shopping alone. As in ALL ALONE. Not one time did I need to remind him to use his inside voice or not to burp at the table. I didn't have to threaten him with a time out and I sure didn't have to take him on a mad rush to the nearest bathroom.
We went to my favorite store Home Goods to look for a small table for the hall light. I looked for about an hour in the store and found lots of things but not the exact table I was looking for.
The tables I saw were too big, too small, too tall, too short, not wide enough, too wide, too big for the corner, not the right color, not the right stain, didn't look "vintage" enough, didn't look rugged enough, on and on.
I was hugely disapppointed. I knew exactly what I wanted and I wanted to be done with this part of the trip. I was HUNGRY.
So we went to the front to pay for the things I really didn't need but thought I had to have. By the cashier there was my table! It was perfect. The right size, the right color, the right aging and it was marked on clearance. I was thrilled! I wanted to go home and make sure it was what I wanted but we went shopping some more instead.
Tonight as I placed it in the hall and put the lamp on it I was thinking about that little table. How many tables had I passed up today because they were not "perfect"?
I am so grateful that God didn't pass me up because I was not the perfect table for His House. We all have flaws but yet he is willing to look over them and still accepts up and takes all of us tables in His house.
When we are willing to be used He places us in his perfect location and He allows us to shine through Him. What a cool concept. I am just a little table in my Father's big mansion. Sometimes he places gorgeous flowers on me and I am happy and content . Other times there is no room for flowers because I am loaded down with "stuff" I put upon myself. He never forgets about me and He is always there to lighten my load when I call out to Him with all my junk.
Thank God he realizes the potential of each table in this world!

Friday, January 11, 2008

About Us

Right now we are are family of SEVEN soon to be EIGHT.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be the mother of all these great kids. I was the one who wanted a career not kids. Then I met the man who changed my life.

I remember us talking about a large family but neither of us would have guessed what God had planned for us.

This is Annie. What a gorgeous 16 year old daughter. She is witty, intelligent and fun loving. Ann is a true example of living life every day to its fullest.

Next is Jesse. He is my 14 year old handsome young man. This year he "found" his sport and became a wrestler through and through. Not only is he strong and good looking but he is also smart!
Sam is my crazy one. At 11 he has lived life more than most 40 year olds. If you ever want to know how to walk on the roof, jump out of a tree, bank a creek on a bike or anything else wild just ask him. He is a good looking sweetie with a great sense of humor.

Marvin is our first Guatemalan prince. God sent him to us three years ago, the next step in our adventure.

Our youngest angel girl is a true Guatemalan miracle from God. Anabeli knows how to live life. She loves to laugh and prefers to dance rather than walk.

And our Guatemalan prince begging to meet his mommy and daddy is Jacob. Hang in there baby we are coming soon.

So that's it We are a strange and happy crew. Welcome to our lives!

Why a Blog?

Each day can be a challenge with five crazy kids all wanting to go in different directions. Several of you have asked me to do this before but it took me so long not to be afraid of the technology.

So here it goes.... Welcome to our Life- Our goal is "Live to Love and Laugh".