Monday, January 28, 2008


Today is picture day, picture day. (I am singing).

HELLO Mr. PGN? My mommy and daddy said it is time for me to come home. Could you please get right on that for us? Thanks Jake

My little Jake is growing up. He has 12 teeth and can sit, stand and walk and can say 10 words! Such a big boy. He has also gained 6 pounds since last time (about six weeks ago). It is wonderful to see him so happy.

I heard my brothers and sisters are wanting me to come home. I'll show em who is boss.

This is my favorite picture. He just looks so content. He must have a great foster mom. He is growing, eating and talking. I can't wait to meet her.

He has such gorgeous hair and it looks like it might be curly like his big brother Jesse's hair was when he was that age.

This looks almost like Marvin at this age.


Amy said...

Oh Cindi!!!!!!!!!!! He is beautiful! I know how precious picture day is and I am celebrating with you! He's perfect and gorgeous and does have the greatest hair! Oh and his EYES! Breathtaking! I am praying for you guys- praying that Mr. PGN does answer that call RIGHT NOW!!!! Amy

Anonymous said...

Cindi, Jacob is adorable! I love his beautiful little face and THOSE EYES!! He does look very content... doesn't that make your momma heart feel thankful?!! So sweet!