Saturday, January 12, 2008

Too Big, Too Small

About a month ago I decided I needed lamps for the family room. It was just too dark. I went after floor lamps and came home with three table top lamps, two belong in the family room and one in the hall off the main living area that was too dark.
So after almost a month (give me a break Christmas was in there) I put them in the family room last night.
When I first got them home I took a small table that I didn't like in the family room out and used it for the hall light. Well last night I needed the table. So the hall light was sitting on the floor.
DH and I decided to take a break and go shopping alone. As in ALL ALONE. Not one time did I need to remind him to use his inside voice or not to burp at the table. I didn't have to threaten him with a time out and I sure didn't have to take him on a mad rush to the nearest bathroom.
We went to my favorite store Home Goods to look for a small table for the hall light. I looked for about an hour in the store and found lots of things but not the exact table I was looking for.
The tables I saw were too big, too small, too tall, too short, not wide enough, too wide, too big for the corner, not the right color, not the right stain, didn't look "vintage" enough, didn't look rugged enough, on and on.
I was hugely disapppointed. I knew exactly what I wanted and I wanted to be done with this part of the trip. I was HUNGRY.
So we went to the front to pay for the things I really didn't need but thought I had to have. By the cashier there was my table! It was perfect. The right size, the right color, the right aging and it was marked on clearance. I was thrilled! I wanted to go home and make sure it was what I wanted but we went shopping some more instead.
Tonight as I placed it in the hall and put the lamp on it I was thinking about that little table. How many tables had I passed up today because they were not "perfect"?
I am so grateful that God didn't pass me up because I was not the perfect table for His House. We all have flaws but yet he is willing to look over them and still accepts up and takes all of us tables in His house.
When we are willing to be used He places us in his perfect location and He allows us to shine through Him. What a cool concept. I am just a little table in my Father's big mansion. Sometimes he places gorgeous flowers on me and I am happy and content . Other times there is no room for flowers because I am loaded down with "stuff" I put upon myself. He never forgets about me and He is always there to lighten my load when I call out to Him with all my junk.
Thank God he realizes the potential of each table in this world!

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