Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well things have been busy today.
I did finally get a new car yesterday. It is gorgeous. We ended up going with a blue Navigator Lincoln. I am really happy with the choice although it seems bigger than the van that is for sure. I am getting the hang of driving it though. It is four wheel drive too. That will come in handy on our long driveway if it snows. It seats 8 which was really important.
We all know it is not going to happen, but the weatherman is predicting ice tonight and then on Thursday night we are supposed to get up to 10 inches of snow and then ice on top of it.
To us in Central Ohio that seems like a lot. But it never really fully develops so I am not concerned. But just to be sure we went grocery shopping tonight. The stores will be a zoo on Wednesday and Thursday. We stocked up on important things like milk, juice, chips, pop, and anything else the boys get throw in the cart while I wasn't looking.
Tomorrow after school the boys will bring wood from the wood pile up to the back porch just in case the electric would go out. We lose our electric at a drop of a hat so it will be nice to be prepared.
So we will make all the preparations to prevent the weather from getting bad. Of course if we didn't do it we would get snowed in.
To be honest I am hoping for a snow day on Friday. I would like to have the kids home to give their rooms and good cleaning and help me sort a few closets, etc. They want to go to school if that is what they have to do. :) I like three day weekends.

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