Saturday, January 19, 2008


My word it is so cold here. The temperature right now is 9 above zero. It is also very windy and we have a wind chill advisory for tonight and tomorrow.

I am getting so old. We went to Sam's basketball game today and then took him to Red Lobster for a lunch/supper (Blake calls it a lupper.) All I could think of was getting home and warming up.
We had a great lunch and Blake and the boys decided to go and see a movie tonight. Ann, of course, had a basketball game of her own she wanted to go to with a girlfriend or 12. I was amazed anyone wanted to leave home once we got there.

So that left me, Anabeli and Marvin. I thought I would stop by with them and see my parents before the sun went down and it really got cold.
I cannot believe what happened when I called. My parents were out for the afternoon/evening with my sister, BIL and nephew. This was a total shocker to me. After all, I am young enough to, well be their daughter, and I just wanted to be home and warm and they were out 60 miles from home in the cold.
I never thought this would happen. So I had told the two of them we would go visit grandpa and grandma before I called not even in my wildest dreams imagining they would be out tonight. They keep asking, "When are we going to papaw's?" Ooops.
So we are just home, warm and enjoying Nick Jr. I would have never in my wildest dreams 20 year ago guessed this would be a satisfying Saturday night for me.
Yesterday I couldn't find M and A for while I started looking around. They were in the foyer sitting on the floor playing in a sunbeam. Marvin said, "Mommy it is warm here." It was so cute.

They remind me of Trixie in Hi and Lois looking for Mr. Sunbeam.

This is how I found them later. They really just enjoyed the warmth of the sun through the window.

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