Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The last two days have been very challenging.

Jake now understands the word "no" and how to use it. Also there is nothing like getting upset and then becoming as straight as a board. This keeps you from being put down. Throw in a nice shrill scream (thanks cousin Brandon) and you have a great 10 minute fit.

I just got tired today of listening to him scream. I sat down on the kitchen floor and we rolled the ball back and forth. When he decided I wasn't all bad, Jake came over and sat on my lap.

Now I have felt Jake and I bonded the very second I held him. He has good eye contact and I have always said God protected him somehow from the harsh realities of his previous life.

One thing he would not do was let me cradle him like a baby. He will sit on my lap and is a wonderful cuddly boy but don't try to put him in a cradling position.

Today as he was sitting on my lap I turned him and for the first time he did not fight me. I started to rock him back and forth. He smiled up at me and said, "more mommy."

We rocked in silence staring into each others eyes for quite a while. He was leaning closer and closer into my chest.

Then he said, "Whas dat?" and started to pat my chest in a rhythm!!! He was listening to my heart beat. I explained that was my heart and it loved him very much. Then without thinking I said it is saying "Mama loves Jake" in a rhythmic form two times.

He pushed closer into me and then started repeating over and over with the beating of my heart, "Mama wuv Jake."

It was the one moment I can say we understood our love for each other at the same time. As I rocked he continued to repeat until he fell asleep. Never have I had a moment so calming before.

This little guy in all his wondrous clumsiness and delays knows more about love than I could ever imagine. He really gets it.

Even on the terrible 2 days I wouldn't trade one second of any day with him. He is so great.

This evening he bugged Marvin so much Marvin left him to play alone and went to watch TV on the other side of the family room. Jake took a while to throw a fit and then walked over, fell down and threw his arms around Marvin. He bumped his little head to Marvin's and looked straight in his eyes and said, "Wuv you."

He really loves his big brother and I think he was sorry for his actions. Marvin was so sweet and leaned into Jake and said, "I love you too Jakey. You's my little brother."

My WORD!!!! That's love. Yeah you are mean to me and yeah I left to keep from beating you up but hey I love you and more importantly you are my little brother.

Thanks God for bringing this wonderful little angel into all our lives.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have been absent. I will try and do better. I will try hard!
To all of you who continue to bug me--- KEEP IT UP.
These are some of the shots from our everyday NORMAL life over the last few months.
Normal life--- Who could ask for anything more?

Seems like Sam is hiding from the camera lately but trust me he is still here and as crazy as ever.