Thursday, January 24, 2008


It is still so cold here. Wind chills today are single digits or 0. No play date today. It is just too cold to get everyone out. The wind is whipping around so hard.
So we have had a "take it easy day." It has been great.
M and A played with play doh and I was able to get caught up on bills, etc.

I did want to post a few pictures I found when I downloaded my camera onto the laptop! They are older but my favorites.
Jesse is such a good big brother I couldn't help but post these great pictures from Christmas.
Marvin and Jesse finishing Christmas dinner at my parents. It was so yummy. My sister makes this great red jello and Jesse told Marvin all about it. He couldn't wait to share with him.

The five youngest cousins.

Maggie is 7.

Marvin, Anabeli and Libbie are all three.

Brandon is 16 months.
He might be the youngest but he sure keeps the rest of the kids on their toes.

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