Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Questions

I was tagged. If you want to put this on your blog or copy for email, please feel free.

Tomorrow: Sam Basketball game, Jesse all day wrestling meet, Blake on call so it leaves me not knowing if I am doing this alone or not.

Feeling: Stressed. I have been cleaning and picking up all day and you can't tell.

Happy Because: tonight Annie, Anabeli and I are having a girls night out and shopping for Annie's spring clothes.

Today I : cleaned up, did two loads of laundry, fed M and A breakfast and lunch, went looking for a new car AGAIN.

Laundry: Done until A, J and S clean their rooms tomorrow. Then I am sure it will be lots.

Something I know: I can do this and get organized.

Currently reading: Germ This is a great book. Talks about germ warfare. I really didn't know if I would like it but I can't put it down. I am not usually someone who likes books I am more for sappy love stories. Very action oriented.

Wanting: My son to come home from Guatemala. Other than absolutely nothing.

Favorite gadget: pizza cutter for cutting the little ones food, my Ipod, my cell phone.

Thankful that: All of my children are healthy and safe and that I have a wonderful husband.

Wondering why: I can't get motivated to lose weight. I can't stay organized anymore. Why I am so ditzy. I am not a true blond so it doesn't make sense.

So that is all about me you probably ever wanted to know and more than you care about!

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