Monday, January 21, 2008

The Affidavits are done

Thank God we have the paperwork done (or at least as much as we can do today).
Two of Blake's colleagues that know both of us were able to sign at lunch time and we already have them notarized.
So early tomorrow morning I will take M and A to get them county certified. Then off to Columbus to get them state certified. There is a fed ex box at the corner in front of the office so they will be in Chicago by Wednesday morning.
I have a courier to take them to the consulate on Wednesday afternoon and I am hoping to have them back to me by next Monday ready to go to Guatemala.
Now I can only hope this new Central Authority junk doesn't slow us down.
Then once we enter back into PGN the wait begins again.
On the bright side, at least I know Reviewer 1 has looked over our file. UGH
Please think positive thoughts for me....and a couple of prayers would be nice too. :)

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