Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My Little Party Girl. She stayed up on New Year's Eve and rang in the New Year with us.

Okay. It is time for a little help from you. I know there have been lots of new lurkers out there and I want you to jump in and help me too.

Anabeli's room was recently painted a color called "Marshmallow Bunny Pink". It is gorgeous. It is a very light pink like a cotton candy color. Her windows are up high. She has a slanted ceiling that is painted the same color as the walls. She has light beige carpet. Maybe I will post a picture tomorrow when I have day light.

Anyway, I need help with deciding what to do now. If I don't make a decision soon it will never get done. I am so not good with decisions.

She will get a double bed and a dresser, probably the vintage iron look by Pottery Barn or something similar and cheaper.

Should I go with pastels of pinks, blues, greens and yellows for the bedspread and accessories OR do I take the road less traveled and go for the pink and chocolate???

Annie thinks pink and chocolate. My sister, Sandra, thinks she might be a little young for this. I am SO LOST....

So cast your vote and help us out. I was so excited about having a little girl again when we started adopting her but I have been hanging out with boys so long I am confused about little girls. :( When I asked Bell she wanted "Hawses" so I showed her some cute little equestrian bedding and she said, "No like Pretty Ponies". I don't want PP so that is not an option. I am so tired of seeing that child with a PP in her hands or worse yet stepping on one at night. They hurt.

Bell would rather dance and sing than watch a movie. She is an outgoing little girl who likes mud as much as flowers. She is always smiling and I want this to be just right.

Please help by voting.


Amy said...

Hands down I vote for pink and chocolate!!! Aleigha and Mya's room is pink and brown and I LOVE IT!!! Come on- be wild and crazy and do it! :0) Amy

Anonymous said...

My vote's for the pink and chocolate too!