Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Dear Jacob

To understand Jake's story I need to give a little bit of background.

Anabeli came home in December 2006 after a hard hard adoption. She was two years old. Never again would we put ourselves through such anguish and pain. She did a wonderful job bonding and we watched her join right in quickly.

She needed one more postplacement visit done when our social worker did not renew her license because she was taking on a new job. We scrambled to find an angency to allow us to finished our last post placement. Now the real story begins.

Way back before Anabeli came home in the evenings I would occasionally get on a photolisting website (you know the precious one) and just look. I can honestly say although every child was beautiful not one "spoke" to me.
But in January of 07 a little boy was put on that was adorable. I only remember him because of his unusual name. He was in a hogar and had the most gorgeous eyes. He looked like my Marvin.

In March he showed up on Rainbow and I was amazed he didn't have a home. Still nothing.

Late May I noticed this same little guy showed up again on precious with a new agency and just moved to a foster home. Blake was standing there and asked me about him. Together we wrote a small inquiry to the agency.

The next day the usual paperwork came through. I talked to Tracey, our facilitator. Jake was removed from the orphanage and give to her attorney. He was behind in motor skills because he had been left pretty much in his crib. He was in a new home and was making progress.
Three kids under four. That was the only thing I could think about. Three kids under four plus two teenagers and one preteen. I was already up to my eyeballs.

One night Blake asked me to pull up his listing. I did. He looked at him, looked at me and said, "That's my son."
The next day was a flurry of paperwork, etc. We knew Guatemala was facing huge changes and we also knew getting things started had to be done.

Called the home study agency and changed from post placement to new visit and post placement. Gathered paperwork. Since this was the third time things were done within three weeks and we were waiting on the homestudy to finish.

We went on vacation. Our homestudy lady was one vacation. We were fingerprinted for the FBI. Things moved quickly to say the least. We had our 171H in record time.

So by the middle of September DNA was done and social worder report was worked up. Preapproval from the US Embassy was issued in late October and the Social worker report was done in November.
We hit PGN December 27, 2007. So now the wait begins. I have tried to stay at a distance away to keep from becoming attached to the little guy. Guatemala adoption is so volatile and right now things are even worse.

As of January 9 we were still on the desk of the first reviewer. We had one kick out with Marvin and about eight or so with Anabeli. Guess I am not really expecting things to go without a kick out but it sure would be nice. My guy turned one in August and I can't wait to hold him.

And I guess that is the story of our new little Jake. His daddy is dying to get to Guatemala and get him. Every day he asks if we have any news. Hopefully soon we can report good news!
Last week I found out he is now walking. Big steps for a little boy who could hardly do much more than roll over a few months ago.
Please keep us in your prayers. Also pray that Jacob stays healthy and well.

How many brothers and sisters???? Come on now I put in a request to be an only child.

Watch out guys. There's a new sheriff coming to town and he knows a little about making raspberries.

I'm bored. Please PGN let me go home.

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Amy said...

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing- he is gorgeous and again I am so happy for your family. What a little blessing. I will be praying that you are able to bring him home soon. Well, as soon as I know if Sweet'E' is ours or not I will share more... we should know by the end of the month for sure. :0) Amy