Saturday, April 25, 2009


Sometimes it is hard to be a mom and watch your child struggle.
Tonight is the prom at Annie's old high school. "EVERYONE" is going. She isn't. Her junior/senior prom, depending on how you look at it, and she isn't able to go.
We try and tell her it isn't fair and she will get over the hurt. She will too. She is a very strong young woman.
But when you are 17, beautiful and unable to go to the prom for fear of being beaten to a bloody pulp, I am not sure anything else matters.
Girls can be so cruel to each other. She has been forced to learn about life at an age when girls should be enjoying themselves.
The sad thing is there are "Annies" all over the world going through the same thing. Most don't have someone to turn to and help deal with the problems and pain. My heart aches for them.
If I could say anything to them it would be, "Please hold out just one more day. Don't let them win by giving up on life. You are stronger than that."

We love you Annie, girl. Hang in there. You are so much better than this current situation. Cry if you want but don't let it consume you. Be strong. You are very courageous. Remember we are always here.

Smile. It makes everyone wonder what you are up to. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just to let you know why I haven't blogged.
We are off this morning to Jake's fifth doctor's appointment in two weeks. Each one requires at least five hours when you include driving. Add to that Ann's court date (which I really need to share. It was so funny.), preschool, the MRI story, and just regular life and I am so full of things to do.
Today I go back to the eye doctor to have my eye looked at again. I still have some mild pain but nothing like before so I am really not concerned.

The world did stop last night for an hour of LOST. I am sooo lost this season of LOST. Hahaha (lame joke)

Just another day.... another (two) appointment. Sigh....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Right after I posted I decided too quit looking and put away the laundry basket of towels in my room. It has sat there for two days.

Way in the bottom of the basket what did I find?

A purple spikey ball Jake "lost" and a pink DS!!!

This smells of Jake......

Thank you God!


I have spent two days in a total blur...
The Easter Bunny brought a Nintendo DS and one game to each M and A. The Easter Bunny is hoping for quiet trips out and a quiet plane ride to Disney in June.

So.... Sunday was great. Monday was fine. Tuesday A couldn't find her DS. "I put it right here." and she points to the edge of the sofa.

I have looked all around the house. This house has been torn apart. I have found things I lost a long time ago. NOWHERE do I find a pink DS.

My cleaning lady helped me look yesterday and all of my day yesterday and half of today has been spent.

I freak when I can't find something so this is very disheartening to me. I want to sit and cry. Once again Blake thinks I am nuts. He keeps saying, "It will show up."

I am praying desperately God will help me find it or help her remember what she did with it.

At least I have now managed to clean under sofas, in closets, under beds, behind the TVs. The list goes on and on.

She loved it while she had it and Marvin loves his. But they are limited in the amount of time they can play. It is a great motivator for all of us I guess. :(

This child is going to worry me sick.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am trying to get back to here but it is almost impossible.
Hopefully on Thursday night....
My eye has had its ups and downs and that is slowing me down. Today is a down. It still hurts a lot when I least expect it.
The usual appointments including an MRI Jake had on Monday. Don't know the results yet but it does make for quite a story.
Ann to court yesterday. Know the results of that and it makes for a story.
Tons of daily junk and Easter coming soon.
I will get back very soon. I promise. :)