Tuesday, January 22, 2008


No joke. I could write a book but no one in their right mind would believe it is not fiction. Things happen to me that don't happen to "normal" people.

So everyone out of bed. Let's get moving to get these papers state certified. Etc. Now Anabeli is not a morning girl for anything so insert a deafening scream, whining, "I can't walk", "My yegs (legs) broke." and pulling the covers over her head, etc.

Finally we are up, dressed and out the door. I treated with McDonald's breakfast on the way hoping to make her happier. She smiled and was pleasant the rest of the day.

As a matter of fact, both kids were EXTREMELY well behaved for the rest of this story.

First we have to go one county over to get out two affidavits county notarized.

I try to go through security but evidently the "big diamonds" (Anabeli's take on my cheap pants) on my pants sent me off. Two times and then the police said, "Oh well go on through." No checking no nothing. He was a nice guy and funny too but PLEASE. How did he know I was a nice person?

The county clerk of courts didn't know how to do this. No joke. So I had to explain to them what our county does and of course it isn't the kind of thing you just pull out of your purse.

Finally they find a "format" in the computer and print it out except they use January 22, 2006!!!!! So I explained the date is wrong. Took two other ladies to "confirm" yup the date is wrong. DUH.

She redoes it. Now the whole office is really nice and the ladies were just pleasant to talk to.

So I am assuming all she had to do was change the date. Took the forms, thanked them, they gave the kids smarties and we left. They didn't charge us because they didn't know how. Okay.

Get in the car and get 30 minutes into a 60 minute drive and for some reason while I was stopped picking up Marvin's cup I look at the papers.

The date now reads Tursday, January 22, 2008. WHAT??????? You have got to be kidding me.

Go on down to the state certification. Tracy (does anyone find it odd I know the lady's name who does the Guatemala certifications???) calls back up and really gives it to them and tells them it needs to be done right.

They tell us to come back up. We drive back up and that is when I notice one of our affiddavits spelled Blake's name wrong. (throwing up with frustration at this point. No joke!)

So I call my mom and she rescues me by hijacking into my email and sends Leslie the affidavit which she fills out again, signs, notarizes and I pick up. AGAIN.

It took about six hours to do a three hour job. But it is done and in the mail on its way to Chicago for the Guatemalan consulate's office.

Like I said, things like this only happen to me. I don't know if I am just too goofy to pay attention or what.

Anway God whispered to me again today. He said, "Calm down and take it eay. It will all work out in the end." To be honest I wasn't near as stressed out as I thought I would normally be.

Anyway tomorrow life is back to normal, whatever that is. Hopefully this will be PGNs only complaint.

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Cindi! You really should write a book, but you're right...no one would believe it! Glad you got it all done and were blessed to hear God's voice. At one point in our adoption when I felt like I just couldn't take it all anymore, God spoke to me and said basically, "just chill, I'll take care of it". I remember that day so clearly. Hope you don't have any more crazy days like this anytime soon! DebbieT