Friday, January 11, 2008

About Us

Right now we are are family of SEVEN soon to be EIGHT.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be the mother of all these great kids. I was the one who wanted a career not kids. Then I met the man who changed my life.

I remember us talking about a large family but neither of us would have guessed what God had planned for us.

This is Annie. What a gorgeous 16 year old daughter. She is witty, intelligent and fun loving. Ann is a true example of living life every day to its fullest.

Next is Jesse. He is my 14 year old handsome young man. This year he "found" his sport and became a wrestler through and through. Not only is he strong and good looking but he is also smart!
Sam is my crazy one. At 11 he has lived life more than most 40 year olds. If you ever want to know how to walk on the roof, jump out of a tree, bank a creek on a bike or anything else wild just ask him. He is a good looking sweetie with a great sense of humor.

Marvin is our first Guatemalan prince. God sent him to us three years ago, the next step in our adventure.

Our youngest angel girl is a true Guatemalan miracle from God. Anabeli knows how to live life. She loves to laugh and prefers to dance rather than walk.

And our Guatemalan prince begging to meet his mommy and daddy is Jacob. Hang in there baby we are coming soon.

So that's it We are a strange and happy crew. Welcome to our lives!


Amy said...

Hi Cindi! So good to hear from you and I'm excited you started a blog. Your kiddo's are all gorgeous and congrats on Jacob! What a doll! You have to blog details- how old is he, where are you in the process? What agency are you using? Anyway- so happy for you! Amy

Our Real Life said...

Sunday I will give you the scoop. So when do I get the scoop on "E"???"