Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK folks,
We are back. Things have been so crazy here. I have been about the lose my mind with things needing to be done but not only have I found the tunnel but I also see the light!
Hopefully Jake will be updating Saturday night.

The rest of our week is busy. We are cleaning and going through toys before everything holiday approaches. The kids are so excited because we have even had a little dusting of snow lately!

Jesse has a football banquet tomorrow. Jake and Anabeli have eye doctor visits on Thursday in Columbus. Ann is going to Bowling Green for a college visit on Friday/Saturday. Friday we are having dinner with some new friends. Sunday is church and Sunday night is program practice at church. Throw in keeping things neat, cooking and laundry and it is a busier than normal week.

Jake has a terrible cold and his physical therapy had to be cancelled for today. I was almost happy to spend the time at home.

Saturday Jake has his first home visit. We are excited. Our social worker has been a wonderful support throughout our time home. I can't wait for her to see for herself the improvement my handsome guy has made.

He has got to be the most lovable guy I have ever met. Yes he still sleeps with us a night or two a week. And yes I am told it is not the best thing to promote good sleep habits or at least daddy says that but.... this kid is so darn lovable!

When he cuddles up next to you nothing matters to you but him. He is talking but Marvin and I seem to be the only two people who can understand him and a good majority of the time we are guessing.

But for the BIG news. He is WALKING.

God has seen him through all of his past woes and he is remarkable. I know I still need to write about his doctor's visit and I will but I can't wait to share our good news.

God has been so good to us!

My baby boy is going to be just fine.
He has lots of information to post this weekend and I am trying to get some pictures but when he sees the camera come out he just sits and stares.

Thanks to all of you who have checked in on us. We are here but busy.