Thursday, January 31, 2008


The ice and snow were due to start about two and a half hours ago according to the 5:00 news. Nothing yet. I am going to bed. We just might miss it again. :)
Now I know storms work at their own pace and all but it seems like around here every snow shower is built into a huge blizzard. So I am going to bed with the intention of getting up at 6:15 like every other morning and moving the kids out of bed.
Funny thing is all three kids want to go to school.
Ann wants to go because tomorrow night is supposed to be "girls night" here at our house and bad weather will call it off.
Jesse wants to go because... well I am really not sure why he wants to go. Must be a girl involved somewhere.
Sam wants a friend to spend the night after basketball practice. No school, no practice, no friend, etc..
Oh well. God knows what he is doing. I do have to admit I kind of wanted everyone to stay home tomorrow so a few of their messes could be cleaned up before the weekend.
To be continued.....

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