Thursday, January 24, 2008


Blake and I were so fortunate to be able to go to The Big Island, Hawaii in August. He had a medical conference and I went along for the ride.
While downloading today I found these pictures. We had such a fantastic time.
Each morning while he was at his meeting I would sit on our room porch and stare out. I learned several things while I was there. I hope I never forget what I saw.
1- The ocean rolled in and out constantly. The sound of the waves was one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. As I would listen I couldn't help but wonder where that water had been.
2- A piece of driftwood was washing up one morning. It was so neat. It didn't fight the waves. It was just pushed slowly into shore. The one thing that struck me most that day was God's presence. We can be like that driftwood if we let ourselves. We have to learn to roll with the punches and not fight. God will roll us into a safe shore.
3- This tree was gorgeous. You can see where the soil has washed away but yet the roots go very deep below the ground. It is gnarled and winding but it is still strong. The roots are deep into the ground. I guess it it pretty obvious what lesson God taught me there. "Be like a tree planted by the water. Grow your roots deep into God and into the Bible."

One afternoon we took a helicopter around the island. The waterfalls were my favorite part. The water was so beautiful. It just looked so clean and fresh.

This was our hotel's beach. The picture really doesn't show how vibrant and beautiful it was.
The one thing I will NEVER, EVER forget:
One morning I was walking the beach by myself and enjoying the view. I remember praying about some things bothering me and then I thanked God for such a beautiful spot in the world and how majestic it was.

He spoke to my heart and what He said I will never forget. "I'm glad you like it. I made it just for you to enjoy on this date in time. "
How real His presence was. To think when he was creating the world He thought of me in August 2007! It opened my eyes to a new level of awe. Every day He has made just for me to enjoy. He thought all about me while he was creating it.
How awesome is that? Love. He loved me enough to think of me. WOW.
That is deeper than any ocean.

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