Monday, January 14, 2008


Remember that song from the Bangles?? "Just Another Manic Monday..."

Today was that day.

Sam hates school. That is blunt but it is the truth. So every Sunday night I start dreading Monday morning. He is impossible to deal with. He always wants to just stay home. It has always been that way. He fusses until I drop him off.

Well today he got his wish. He stayed home even though he wasn't sick. He had to take care of his little brother and sister while I made yet another trip to the ER.

Last week everyone but Ann had the stomach virus. She caught it last night. By this morning she was dehydrated and weak. She got up to tell me she was wasn't going to school. I heard the awfulest noise upstairs. BANG!

I knew immediately it was her hitting the floor. I was sort of right. On the way down her nose and chin caught the edge of her bed.

So at 7:00 this morning I ran upstairs to find her laying beside the bed with a bloody nose. We got that settled down and I helped her get up and noticed a deep gash under her chin.

Her dad actually saw muscle in the gash and she needed a trip to the ER to sew it up.

After five stitches and a bag of IV fluids she left feeling much better.

My poor baby has not had stitches before. She was a little nervous. So we had to take a picture of her first boo-boo.

Get better soon Annie.




Anonymous said...

Hi Cindi,
I found your blog from Amy's comment page. I was on the Dillon list when it used to be more active. My daughter Anna's 5 now! Last I heard, you were in process to bring Annabeli home. I'm glad she's doing good (LOVE the underwear pics!). I hope little Jacob comes home very soon! Just wanted to say hi, DebbieT

Our Real Life said...

So nice to hear from you.
If you have a blog, please let me see it if not please post another comment with your email (I won't publish it) and I will send you mind. I want to see picture of cute little Anna and her brothers.