Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well everything is packed, mostly cleaned up and we are waiting on time to go. Ann has been given her orders and there are MANY sheets of paper for her to reference while we are gone.

We have two more loads of laundry to start and we are out the door.

I can't believe we made it with this much time to spare! This is definitely a new feeling for me.

Next stop: Universal on Wednesday!
I will try and put on pictures while we are there!!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009


Jake has discovered a new toy---the vacuum cleaner.

He has sucked up so much stuff in the last 24 hours.

His favorite thing to do is to turn it on and stick it to his skin. UGH He is covered in vacuum hickeys. It must be a sensory type thing because he smiles as he does it.

Thank goodness I own a Dyson. I need the extra suction power to move a piece of red crayon, the wadded piece of paper, two paper clips and a sock. Those are just the things I can see in the collection container.

Today was his last day of school before summer break and vacation (two weeks). He goes back after the 4th of July holiday. He said goodbye to all his friends. It was so sweet.

Then he went to daddy's office.

You know those letters and numbers that are on charts at doctor's offices? They are a great thing for Jake. Every time we stop by he comes out of the office with 09 stickers, along with a few letters. I have even found him trying to remove them from charts. This kid cracks me up. He doesn't like normal stickers, oh no. Those would be too easy. He only likes the chart stickers that are expensive! Luckily daddy doesn't care.

Back to getting ready to leave. The paper chain has very few rings left so it was easy to count this morning. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

7 days X 7 people = 49 outfits

We are still here and trying to get ready to leave in a few days.

It is impossible to keep the laundry up around here. I have done three loads today and I am (believe it or not) just waiting for the kids to get dirty!!! That is a first.

Because I am soooo bizarre everyone but Jesse needs for me to clear their outfits through me. Of course Blake wouldn't need to but he is so busy the few days before we leave I just usually pack for him. But even he seems to be heading for vacation mode.

Today has been interesting. Blake, Ann and Jesse went to Miami University of Ohio for a college visit this weekend. It really seems quiet around here noise-wise but it is never boring.

Jake found a bottle of kid shampoo and poured it all over the floor while I was busy. He then played in it and worked into the carpet in the bathroom.

(Note to self-- Never in a million years would I have carpet again in the bathroom. )

At that point playing in the shampoo was no longer fun so he moved on to dumping Thomas trains into the toilet.

When that chore was done he took off his diaper and ran butt naked screaming "I Jake". Yeah we know.

It is hot and humid today so he has on only a diaper but he loves his foot braces so he has on his socks, braces and shoes too. Quite the sight with his spider legs. He has grown almost 2 inches in the last month, all in his legs.

Anabeli is always willing to help and she has delivered the clothes filled baggies to packing central. Every outfit for the three goes into its own baggie. When you are done with it you can put it back in the baggie . Dirty and clean do not need to mix. Plus I know the little guys will match without difficulty.

Marvin and Sam are trying to hide but I keep calling and pulling them back into the mess of packing.

Everyone is getting excited and for the first time in several years I think I might be ahead of the packing schedule.

Ann still isn't going. I had hoped she would change her mind but that is not going to happen. Independence is over rated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The doctor's visit was interesting.

Sam was told to "take it easy". No running or jumping for 7-10 more days. Yeah right. The edema around the bone is going down so things are healing right along. Sam has not walked since the day he learned to run.

X-rays were done again and a few strange things were found. This kid is so odd.

At some point in the last 18 months (previous xrays at that time) he has broken the big toe on his other foot AND the other side of the foot that is bruised.

Of course there was the usual interrogation by the doctor and myself but he says he doesn't remember any pain. Now how can that possibly be?

The side of his foot that was broken shows "inflammation" around the healed break. I am not sure exactly what that means and when I asked Blake he just said something about it will be ok. Avoiding the issue, I am sure.

We go back after vacation to "rethink" what to do about the unknown breaks. The doctor asked for Blake to come back too. Not a good sign.

This doctor is a friend who wouldn't do that if he didn't think it was necessary. I am not overly concerned but would like to know how a 13 year old child can have two breaks and not know it.

Anyway we are still trying to get everything ready for vacation. Packing for five kids is hard. It is even harder to think Ann is staying here. I am so thankful my parents and sisters live less than five minutes away.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Last night Blake and I were discussing the number six.
It is not uncommon for people to say...
"Will there be any more additions?"
"Are you done?"
"Please tell me you don't want more kids."

(The last one gets to me.)

So last night we talked about the good, bad and ugly of six.

The good:

There is always someone to play or argue with.
There is plenty of love.
Hand me downs are great.
Six hugs and kisses at night.

The bad and the ugly:
Loads and loads of laundry.
Food costs are soaring.
The bickering between Marvin and Bell is outrageous on some days.
College for six.
Weddings for two.
The cost and time of six with different hobbies, sports and past times.
Being the parents of six at our age.
The stares of some people when you tell them you have six children (once again at our ages).
The troubles and needs of each child can be multiplied by six.
The long nights and even longer days sometimes.

So we looked at the list of good and bad. Then we were just quiet.

Are we done? Only God knows. But maybe, just maybe, if He sees fit six might not be our favorite number.

Yes we are old. Yes it is a strain on every financial budget. Yes it is tiring and there are some nights you fall asleep in a second.

But are we too old? Maybe not.
Are we willing to make sacrifices? Definitely
Are we willing to allow ourselves to be loved and share love? A million times yes.

So I guess the answer is "God we are waiting and listening." Can you let me in on the secret though??? :)

I think He already has.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well vacation is back on. YEAH

Sam's foot is not broken but does have a terrible "bone bruise" and a pulled tendon. He is in a cast for at least the next 10 days in hopes it will heal and he will not have pain on vacation.

The MRI was done on Tuesday and we were excited to find out things looked good. Praise the Lord we are doing vacation though.

Since school is out we are getting things done. Laundry is almost caught up. Winter clothes are finally put away. Yard work is coming along.

It is only 70 degrees today with rain and thunderstorms later tonight. It looks like we might have a mild summer. I am so happy for that. We have usually had at least two 90 degree days by now and I don't think it has been anywhere close to that!!!

Ann's party was wonderful and I am hoping to post and update and pictures in the next few days.

Right now I am spending all my extra time reading Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover." It is a great book and I recommend it for everyone even if you think you have a good handle on your expenses.

Through the use of spreadsheets and information in the book, we were able to identify all of those little money stealer's from our budget. I get excited when I see all the little changes we can make that will add up to big bucks after a while.

Tonight we are going to tighten the budget. It is not as painful as I thought it would be. It is not going to always be easy but in the end, I am sure with six kids to put through college we will be glad we gave up those little luxuries we take for granted.

More soon.

Monday, June 8, 2009


We just walked back in from the doctor's office. Bad News.
Amost two years to the date, Sam has once again broken (they think) his growth plate in his foot. The only difference is that it is the right foot. Last time it was the left.
Just like last time we are to leave on vacation in two and a half weeks.
I can't believe this.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Jake is taking over the posting tonight. He wanted to tell you all the 11 things he has learned since coming home. He has been home 11 months now.

1- I can eat with a spoon or I can eat with a fork. Forks and spoons are nice but fingers are even better.

2- Run-- Don't walk- EVER. When you are walking mom can keep up with you.

3- When someone says "Jake" duck low and don't make a sound. It is so much fun to watch the whole family look the house over for you.

4-Big brothers are so cool. They can swing you around, fight with you, play with you and teach you neat things like how to stuff a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet or how to bug your sisters.

5- Sisters will do anything for you if you sit long enough. Ann will even feed me if I stare at my food long enough.

6- Mom and dad love me unconditionally and forever. That's the best.

7- Tractors are the coolest things on wheels. I want a tractor. Not a play one but a really big one like my grandpa has on the farm.

8- Baby beds are over rated. Nothing is as nice as sleeping my my head up against daddy and my feet (kicking) near mommy's head.

9- School is cool. Unless you have a time out for pulling hair or trying to bite. I thought that is what teeth are for. Honest.

10- Dogs are great and love to share their food if I can sneak away from my mom. They will keep the other little kids away too if you feed them.

11-Physical therapy is fun but when you get tired "perch your lip" and you can ignore the rules.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marvin and Anabeli are playing mommy and baby in the front room.
Marvin is the baby.
He just told Anabeli, "Pretend it is time for my physical therapy now. You need to lay out toys and tell me good job all the time."
So funny.
Anabeli is no longer mommy but now is "Miss Laurie".
Baby Marvin is NOT listening. That is just like Jake's behavior today at PT.
This boy is full of energy and the word, "NO!".