Wednesday, April 23, 2008


No school tomorrow. YEAH! Jesse invited two friends over to spend the night. I told Marvin to leave them to their "big boy" things. I also told him it wasn't right to expect to hang out with Jesse when he had friends over and to please leave him alone tonight.

Marvin is crushed. So crushed in fact that he is now spreading his own version of "our talk".

He went out to play on his jumble gym (jungle) with Bell Bell.

The first thing he did was find Jesse and his friends and told them , "Mom said I get to do big boy things with you. or you grounded" I said that???

So it didn't take long for Jesse with friends in tow to come in about this. I reassured him I did not say that and once again explained to Marvin that he cannot always have Jesse's attention.

Poor little guy is so upset. Brotherly love can be so painful.


Mary Ann said...

To cute!!! MArvin is adorable!!!
I know it hard for those little brothers! I have 3 boys so I know!

Amy said...

Oh I recognize that pout- we have it at our house too! Marvin is such a cutie though even when he does pout! Amy