Saturday, April 12, 2008


This has been such a long week (well actually 10 days) and we are all feeling the effects.

Towards the end of last week, Anabeli came down with a cold. By Sunday, Marvin also had a cold. We didn't make it to church because they were coughing so hard. I didn't want to be the parent everyone was upset with because they brought the sick child to church.

We stayed home. By 10:30 I had a cold. This one IS bad. The kids have snotty noses still and mild cold but man I am misesrable.

I have borderline laryngitis, mild fever, sore throat full of white spots, ear infections in both ears and huge neck nodes. I have been on anitbiotics for a few days and NOTHING is better.

This is four rounds of antibitotics for me this winter. A new record for even me.

Blake got sick on Wednesday night and has a sore throat and cough. He is on medication. Today Jesse developed a cold and we suspect it will go the same way.

This afternoon, Jesse, Ann, Anabeli, Marvin and myself all took a two hour nap on our bed. It is a king size bed but come on.... How many people can really sleep on it? Obviously since we were out for two hours it didn't bother us.

Tonight though my Jay Bird and I hare hitting the town with the two little ones. We are going out to Applebees (his favorite place). Then over to Wal Mart. Why??? I don't know he just asked to go.

Blake is visiting his parents. Sam went to an indoor arena football game with a friend. Ann is watching "prom Night" with two girlfriends.

I am thrilled to be off with my big guy. It has been a few months since it was just Jesse and me. So off we go. :) :)

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Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better and hope you had a fun time! :0) Amy