Thursday, April 17, 2008


I occasionally wear glasses. I don't need them all the time. They are great for watching television, looking at something in dim light and when I am driving. I have prescription sunglasses I wear almost all the time.

A few weeks ago Blake and I watched a movie and afterwards I placed my glasses on my nightstand. I try to keep them in the car and I looked for them the next day. They were missing from the nightstand.

I automatically assumed I had put them somewhere else even though I KNEW I left them there.

My glasses have been gone since. I have searched all over our bedroom, the office, the kitchen, the car. My glasses were nowhere to be found. I have wondered about it but didn't have a clue where else to look.

Today I was cleaning around Anabeli's room and guess what? I found in the closet: candy she is not supposed to have, some of Ann's jewelry and my glasses.

Of course I called her into the room and asked her why these things were in her room. "I don't know."

I explained the candy was not hers. "I sorry."

I explained Ann's jewelry was not to be played in and she was not even to be in Ann's room, especially after the "Fruity Pebbles" spill all over the floor in January. "I sorry"

I explained I had told her never to touch my glasses and it was true she had touched them . "No mommy I didn't touched them, I wored them."

It is so hard to keep a straight face sometimes. So we returned Ann's jewelry, threw away the candy and I took my glasses with me.

If you look closely you see smudged fingerprints. How do you smudge without touching? :)

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