Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today we were hanging out doing basic household junk and Marvin asked me again how I became his mom.
I said, "God chose my to be your mommy and Anabeli's mommy and Jake's mommy. God chose you to be a K."
He said, "No mommy I picked you to be my mommy. I said, "Nina, I think she will be a good mommy and Nina said "OK Marvin."
So I said why did you pick me? "Cause your a good mommy and purty too."
That is so sweet. I just wanted to cry. How can that little guy be as lovable as he is???
He really believes when he was in "Guatmalama" he "picked me" and even check with Anabeli to make sure it was ok with her. Interesting since they were far apart and she was only two months old when he came home.
Extra grape juice all around!!!! I am such a push over.

We have runny noses, headaches and lots of coughs. Hopefully I will get everything wiped up and be able to post the rest of the pictures that are just sitting on my camera.

Tonight I had to work. Not that it matters to me. Is it possible to get fired from a job you don't get paid for, you didn't really want to do OR care to do? If only I could get fired. I have now tried for 17 years. :)
They have been known to tell me I am fired when I am at the office but before I leave they ALWAYS give me more work. P.S. I think they really do like me. :P

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Jennifer & Filipe said...

What a sweetheart! How could you not be a push over after hearing that:)