Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh I am so happy.
I found a new cleaning person. She is doing such a great job. Nothing could make me happier. She is getting all those cute little fingerprints off the walls, finding all those lost game pieces and all around scrubbing my house top to bottom.
I am thrilled because it has been hard for me to find someone to clean around here. Our little town doesn't have too many cleaning people.
My new lady is not only extremely good, she is pleasant to me and the kids, doesn't have a list of "I don't do this" and is a very interesting, seemingly normal person. Sure beats the lady a few years ago who stole from us.
So we are getting everything done. It is wonderful because my nesting has hit hard and it has been hard to feel like cleaning with such a miserable cold.

Second reason I am happy may be jumping the gun a bit but I hope not. I have a pending charge on my credit card that might be Jake's second DNA test. I really hope so. It is a new charge and I haven't used the card since our out-of-PGN-must-buy-clothing stage.

I will post as soon as I know. I am exhausted and heading off to bed. Tonight though is a good exhaustion. My house is looking good and I can sleep knowing every room and closet will be in tip top shape before Jake comes home.

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Amy said...

Ok- I'm completely jealous over the cleaning lady... but estatic over the charge for DNA!!!!! :0) Amy