Monday, April 7, 2008


We were running errands today and as I was putting Marvin into the car he told me he wanted to be a guppy. I asked why a guppy?

"Because they are cute little fish and I doesn't want to be a big fish. Guppies are cool fishes."
As I am putting Bell Bell in the car she said, " I want to be a whale. "

Why? "Cause I like whales. They are big. (Big Smile here) They eat guppies. ( gotta love this girl)"

Marvin then screamed, "Mommy don't let her eat me. "

You know what I want to be? A size 2 good body including a perky chest with an umbrella drink in my hand watching my guppy and whale playing in the sand....

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DebbieT said...

Your kids are SO funny! AND SO SMART!