Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well we held up just fine while waiting for Annie to come home. We did doze off and on and it was really rough getting up for church on time this morning.

After prom she and friends went to another friends home. The parents were chaperoning an all night party. Ann was allowed to stay until 3:00 AM but she arrived home before 2:15.

Sounds as if they had a great time and really enjoyed their time together.

I am happy it was a good time.

Blake and I were talking last night, wouldn't be fun to go back and live one night over again? Then the more we thought about it, the more we decided it wasn't a good idea. After all with 12 years difference, I don't think my parents would have allowed him to take me to the prom anway. :)

The one thing that is aggravating, Annie "didn't remember" to tell us about the runway at the school. I guess they announce the couples by name as the walk down and then pictures can be taken as they enter the prom.

I think it was on purpose because she didn't want us to embarrass her. Oh well.

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