Saturday, April 26, 2008

PROM 2008

Tonight is a happy night but I am very sad.

My baby girl is off to her prom. She is only a sophmore but going with a junior.

Brad is a very nice young man.
It still hurts to think my little sweet pea is old enough to go to the prom.

Ann and Brad

Ann and her close friend, Kiersten


Mary Ann said...

She looks absolutely beautiful! But I know it is sad to see your baby growing up!

Mary Ann

Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL! LOVE her dress! I hope she had the most amazing night. We are getting ready for prom here too- next week! WAHHHHHHH!!! How did our babies grow up so fast? Amy

Michelle Riggs said...

What a beautiful dress. You daughter looks so beautiful. How wonderful and sad to see her grow up.

I look at our Guat. tots and can't imagine them being that grown up, but I know that they will be someday. Thanks for the reminder to treasure the moments that we have with them all.