Friday, April 18, 2008


Man I am so behind right now on blogging. My nesting is almost too much. The kids will find out just how bad it is tomorrow and Sunday when they will clean their rooms, top to bottom and go through spring clothing to see what else we need.

I am putting on one picture for each child. It was so stinking cold that day. We didn't even wear Easter clothes because we needed winter clothes.

The Easter Bunny didn't visit us until after we got back from my parents for lunch. I didn't want dinner spoiled. Of course I took my camera to lunch but forgot to take any pictures!
Sam acting goofy. He was asking everyone, "Do you want to see me eat this whole bunny in 10 minutes?"

My girls love chocolate!!!

Marvin thought his bunny was too "purty" to eat and then he promptly ripped his little fabric bow off and laughed.

It looks like Jesse is kissing his bunny but he isn't. Well maybe he was because after this picture was taken he bit a good amount of his bunny ears off.

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