Monday, April 7, 2008


I dislike Mondays with a passion. It is not because of the new week beginning. It is not because I already have 200 things on my "extra" to do list for the week. It is not because we stayed up too late all weekend and I am tired.
It is because I am responsible for taking Sam to school. Blake takes him almost every day except Mondays because he works at a hospital 30 minutes away and needs to leave earlier than Sam.
We had the usual, "My stomach hurts. My head hurts. I don't feel good. I think I should stay home today." My answer is always the same, "No You are fine. Get moving."
It is a huge hassle getting him out the door but most days when he leaves I don't hear him complain all the way to school.
Today I had both little ones in the car and Sam was walking out and hit his head ever so lightly on the door. Of course that meant a trip to dad to see if his eye might be hurt.
Here's the deal. Unless it is hanging out of the socket you are going to school. So naturally he doesn't want to tell me. That made us about three minutes later than usual.
School is the one thing I am on time for, most of the time. To make it worse if you don't get to the drop off line before 8:50 you get caught in the line and it moves really slow. Well thanks to Sam we were caught in the line. Which makes me listen even more to his whines about how I could just go on through the lines and he could "try again tomorrow."
TRY WHAT TOMORROW??? You are required by law to go to school. You can't pick and choose your days. You don't have an option and you sure can't just try and get there tomorrow.
I was so happy when I kissed his little head said "have a nice day," unlocked his door and all but pushed him out!
Give me a break! Next year he is in middle school and Ann will drop him off and then she and Jesse will go on to high school. She will just LOVE his complaining and whining. Ann is NOT a morning person; never has been, never will be. She is like her dad. She would rather stay up all night and get up late. This will be interesting.
On a lighter note, Blake has these word of the day calendars he reads every day. I think he has two. He brought one in to me today for the word of the day.

MORASS- noun. 1- marsh, swamp 2- something that traps, confuses or impedes.

Sentence: For Diane and Oscar, trying to adopt a baby meant getting lost in a morass of paperwork, but they knew it would be well worth it in the long run.

Boy have I been there.

I miss my baby boy. Hurry Jake and come home soon.

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