Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am so unhappy tonight. I told you things happen to me that most people can go a whole lifetime and not worry about.
Tonight I fell on some ice. Not a huge fall just a jar mostly, right on my rear end. It was so embarrassing.
It was a on busy street with lots of cars waiting on a red light. To make it worse it took me a few seconds to fall because I tried to save myself. Why do you do that when you know you are going to fall?
Thank God I wasn't carrying Marvin. We had come out of the barber shop and I had him walk just to be on the safe side.
No kidding we were in there maybe 20 minutes and what was water when we went in was ice when we came out, a thin film of ice but still ice.
So I fell and got the whole back of my jeans wet. I was holding Marvin's hand when I fell and was worried about him so I was half turned around when I fell.
My hand hit the ground and now I ache.
For those of you that don't know 3 1/2 years ago while I was waiting on that PGN round I fell off a chair and broke my elbow and thumb, damaged my wrist and pulled my shoulder out of socket. I also have a torn rotator cuff on that side because I haven't had time to repair the damage with surgery. Like I am going to put myself in pain and a cast for three months. NOT!!!Most of the time I do just fine but occasionally I do something stupid like tonight and it hurts.
My shoulder, arm and neck really hurt but I took an Aleve and feel much better. By tomorrow afternoon everything should be back to normal.
But nothing can take away the embarrassment of knowing people watched me fall and probably laughed.
The reason I know they laughed dates back many years. My sister, Sandra, and my mother were in a grocery parking lot and I was getting into the car.
This man with a nice cowboy hat and boots walked in front of the car and slipped on ice. He grabbed the front of our car to keep from falling.
Sandra laughed and laughed. She was also very loud and I am sure he heard her laughing as he held onto the front of the car for dear life. I might have laughed too.
Anyway, I know people laughed when they saw me fall. I am sure it was comical if you were watching it. Guess I made someone feel better. :)


Vanessa said...

That fall story takes me back to several years ago at Mardi Gras!! One of my guy friends was trying to "hollar" at a very beautiful girl and tripped because he wasen't paying attention!! If that wasen't enough he stood up and fell again!! At this point everyone was laughing hysterically!! I also coudn't help but chuckle at the guy holding onto your car!! Too funny, but I hope you feel better soon!

Amy said...

I'm sorry Cindi- OUCH. I promise I would not have laughed at your if I had been there... ;0) Amy