Monday, February 4, 2008


Well it looks like it is our turn again in this round robin of school viruses.
Jesse decided not to go today because of a headache. Poor guy is really sick. I am a little nervous and waking him about every hour.
He can't seem to stay awake and complains his head really hurts while he is awake. Blake was a little concerned too so I wake him up, have him move his head around, drink some water and then he can go back to sleep.
No fever, chills or any other symptoms. I am keeping a close eye on him today.

Ann called at 9:45 for me to come and get her. She has a headache also but seems to have sinus pressure and more of a cold with a slight fever. She said almost 100 kids were absent today from the high school they said on announcements. Plus kids were leaving to go home sick.
I haven't heard from Sam yet so I am just hoping he stays healthy.

Of course after a good night's sleep M and A are just running around and playing. They seem to be just fine and happy. Thanks goodness.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've had your share of sick kids today...I hope they're all feeling better. I stayed home from work today with Anna...she had a fever last night. Gotta love this time of year...not! Debbie T