Monday, February 25, 2008


Mom- Don't panic!!!! Please read on.....

This is little B. He is sort of a K but sort of not. Little B is caught in this whole Guatemala mess. He cannot be given a set of parents because referrals have stopped. So poor little guy is just waiting.
He is so gorgeous. I love his fat little cheeks and big smile. The jean jackets give him a rough and tumble look but you can tell he is a cuddler.
He is at the Eagle's Nest- Marvin's former home. In an effort to give back to the country and hogar that loved our baby boy so much we have decided to take on B while he is waiting on a home.
Eagle's Nest is an orphange dependent upon missionaries Larry and Claire Boggs.
Even though adoptions in Guatemala are closed, many children are still filtering in needing homes. It costs money to feed, clothe and diaper a child.
We have agreed to make sure B is taken care of while he waits for his new home. So in effect he is a K for a while. We are his wedge between the system and a new set of parents. What a great feeling it is to know we are helping this little sweetie for a while.
Grow strong B- Your mommy and daddy are coming soon. Until then we will provide for you just as God provides for us.


Angel said...

That is awesome! Wonderful! He is a DOLL! Angel

wvamom said...

Just wondering how much it costs to "sponsor" a child this way? It sounds like a wonderful idea! Carolyn