Friday, February 8, 2008


We just received notice that Jake's case is finally going to be moving along. YEAH.
This is the way I understood all this mess:
All cases are going to need to be registered by 2-12-08.
In the meantime they have also given each case a registration number (seems like this might be new today) that is required to get back in PGN.
So.... all the attornies are standing in line AGAIN to get registration numbers for the cases to allow everyone to go onto the next step. For us that step is back into PGN from our kick out.
The office has said they will be open Saturday and Sunday also to allow everyone to get reregistered with a number.
This is good news believe it or not. Lord knows all of us waiting could use it.
So here is what you can do:
1- Pray that the cases will all get registered and the final steps completed for us parents to bring home our children.

Also a very good friend of mine has two huge decisions that will be made on Tuesday (2-12-08). Amy is trusting God for the right choices in this decision. I am sure she would appreciate all of your prayers while she is waiting.

I didn't ask her if I could link her blog but I will next time I "talk" to her. Please pray for her family.

Thanks for all your prayers. This has been a trying time for us and will continue to be until Jake has come home.

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Amy said...

YIPPEE!!!!! SO EXCITED to hear good news! Praying and praying and praying! (((HUGS))) Amy