Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Oh my word it is so cold here. I have on a long sleeve t shirt and a polar fleece shirt and I am still shaking.
The temperature is 18 but it is so damp. It has snowed off and on for two days now.
Now I try not to complain too much in the winter of the cold because I whine about the heat all summer.
I cannot warm up this year. We have more snow coming in tomorrow night and I am already dressed like a polar bear.
Even M and A had on extra socks and shirts today. I keep reminding myself in July I will be hot, sweaty, cranky and all around miserable so I should just enjoy this but enough is enough.
It will be March in two days and there is no end in sight of warmer weather.
Today we went grocery shopping. It was a snow day because of last night's blowing and drifting so Jesse went too. I dropped everyone off at the front door and found a spot.
God was good to me and someone came out of the first spot closest to the building. I did look around for an older person who could use it but it seemed I was the only one in the parking lot.
It is amazing how God gives us just these little pick me ups occasionally. Not the big things but the little things you have to examine really close to see God working and how much He loves you.
When we came out the wind was blowing and A said, "Mommy my runnies are cold in my nose."
Interesting way to put it.
A lot of people received PGN outs today so we are waiting our turn. Blake keeps reminding me it is like spring in Guatemala and we will be there in about six weeks if we get out soon.
Anyway as you can see, not alot going on except God letting me have a pick-me-up today. That is so cool when little things happen to me like that. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Today I needed to be warm and fuzzy inside and out! :)

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Kim said...

Stay warm, although 18 IS warm here in MN! LOL! I can't wait for spring either!