Saturday, February 9, 2008


OK we have been working on names and addresses. I have got to say this is not going well with either child.
Marvin could care less. He knows his full name and doesn't care where he lives. I said "What if you get lost from mommy? How will you be able to tell the policeman where you live?"
"I won't get lost from you ever."
Who can argue with that?
Anabeli on the other hand has a different take on things. When she first came home her FM was calling her Nellie. I liked that. We gave her a new first name of Lena. It was Blake's grandmother's name.
We called her Lena before she came home. Marvin to this day still calls her "Nina" his way of saying Lena and won't call her anything else.
As you can see the child already had several names she could go by. Well when she was able to speak she told me very clearly she wanted to be called Bell Bell. Now definitely not what I would have picked. It doesn't even make sense to me. I have tried to convince her of another name but she wouldn't hear of it.
So we call the child Bell Bell. I wasn't even sure how to spell it correctly so we spell it like it sounds Bell Bell.
Anyway, we are working on names. Her name is Lena Anabeli K. Very simple I thought.
Today I asked her what her name was and she said, "I is Bell Bell K."
"No that is what you want to be called but you "real" name is Lena Anabeli K."
"I Bell Bell"
"Where do you live?"
She got the city and state right.
"What is your "real name" now?
She screams, "Bell Bell not K"
"K is your last name."
"No it not. I only Bell Bell."
Your last name is K just like mommy, daddy, annie, jesse, sam, marvin and jake. That is our family name. "
This is where I confused her I think because I pushed my explanation too far.
"When mommy married daddy she became Cindi K. Each one of you have our last name K because daddy is the head of the family?"
"Bell Bell's head not like daddy's" (I think it was daddy's bald head that threw her off.)
"No that means daddy is the boss of our family."
She chuckles and says, "No he's not."
"Yes he is. We all listen to daddy."
"No he's not."
I should have just dropped it.
"Yes Bell he is. "
"NO he's not. Bell Bell and Annie is. We are the princesses.!"

Oh my word. I have got to keep that child away from her older sister :)

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Anonymous said...

Bell Bell is TOO FUNNY!! I laughed out loud at your conversation with her! Someday she might change her mind about "Bell Bell" and you'll have some funny stories to tell her! I think "Bell Bell" is very cute!! DebbieT