Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I haven't had a chance to post lately. I have lots of reasons but nothing really exciting.
We had a snow day today! I did get an extra hours sleep. YEAH. But then we had to get out in the cold and snow/rain mix for an orthodontist appointment and a dentist appointment.
Ann's teeth are fine. Sam, on the other hand, needs a mouthful of work that has an even larger price tag. (insert whimper) So we start that at the end of the month. Poor guy got the worse of both his mom and dad's mouths.
Now we are running to the barber for the boys.
I have also been asked to bring appliance information and any ideas or likes/dislikes to a meeting with the kitchen designer tomorrow. I have no clue at this point. UGH I have looked for a while on the internet but that is my homework for tonight.
Last night was office work. Tomorrow night? who knows????
I promise I will download pictures tomorrow. I have the cutest pictures of my nieces from the weekend. They were part of a cheerleading group that cheered at the high school basketball game. It was so cute.
Until tomorrow...
P.S. Amy I am still praying.

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