Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am having a whiny butt day. That is what I tell Anabeli and Marvin when they just whine for nothing. Although in all fairness I feel I have a reason to whine but I am sure they feel they do too.
This RENAP stuff is causing me to want to stomp my foot, scream, drop to the floor roll around and kick, pout, cry. Basically have a two year old fit.
Today the sun in shining and it is pretty. It is cold and windy but pretty. So it is a good day to work around the house and not feel guilty when we don't get outside. I am going to force myself off my whiny butt and get moving.
Someone told me about three years ago that the reason God made your bottom so cushy was so you can sit on it for a long time. (She was having a really bad time in her life. I do mean really bad.) My response to my dearest friend in the whole word was NO. Haven't you noticed you tush goes away when you stand up? It is cushy because it is a pack and carry seat! Now carry it to something worthwhile. She laughed and we both felt much better.

So I am going to pack and carry my seat to the kitchen and clean.

ANGEL---- I need a cute little ditty from you. They seem to always work when you post them while waiting on Zoe and Kaiya. So if something comes to mind while you are packing for CHINA let me know. :) :)

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Angel said...

MAN I AM SO SORRY! I know that is so frustrating. :0( Hmmm... I'll get thinking on that little ditty. LOL! Angel