Friday, May 16, 2008


What is up with people today? Someone, anyone want to answer that question? Our office biller quit today. She left a note with her key in the office while no one was there she was accepting another job. No notice, no nothing.

Do young people understand the value of a good personal reference? You can work your hardest and be the best you can be at your job and she was BUT if you just walk out without even a day or two notice it makes you look less than desirable.

So anyway the first words out of my mouth to the office manager (my mother) was "I really don't think I am in any shape to help this time. It has been eight years since I have truly done billing and I am sure things have changed more than I am able to catch up with. Sorry. Gotta go. Bye" Phones are great that way. You can just hang up.
Then it happened. GUILT

This is my husband's office. My mother has worked hard for him for several years. We have a receptionist who works well with patients. We have a great dictation team (my two sisters). We all depend on one thing. Someone, anyone, that can bill and get the insurance companies to pay patient charges so we can eat, sleep, be happy and survive.

She has already placed an ad in the paper but we are looking at three weeks out to hire and get someone able to start work.

All this is going through my mind this afternoon.

So I sat back and closed my eyes. I went to the back of my brain. You know the place where you keep all the file cabinets full of junk you don't forget but don't use every day? Sometimes we also use those to store our God given talents but that is another post.

It was dusty and since I am allergic to dust I thought about leaving. But I looked around until I found the January 2000 file drawer and dug around until I found the "don't have a clue but let's start a whole new practice from scratch with your help and the help of your mother who has never even worked in a doctor's office before." Boy did she need to learn fast. Talk about pressure.

It was rather stuffed and all kinds of unnecessary information was in there. Do I really need to remember things how many supplies we go through each week, the name of the first patient I billed in 2000, the name of the patient I couldn't get the insurance to pay for in 2000, the name of the insurance company that drove me almost insane, the name of the patient who constantly flirted with my husband?

This folder is cluttered with so much junk. But after a quick run through I was able to find the billing file. Not much information but when I think through it I am sure it is enough to push me back into the realm of biller until someone else is hired.

So come Monday afternoon when Annie and Jesse get home to watch the Guatlings I will be marching off to the office to see just how pitiful my brain really is.

This could be scary but just like in 2000 there will be a large folder to store away lots of fun memories. Every once in a while my mom and I will walk down memory lane 2000 and laugh until we cry about things we almost cried about in 2000. It is amazing to me how time mellows everything.

Some day I will share our favorites like Sam throwing the trash can out the two story window, Sam and Superman, Sam the counterfeiter, falling asleep during odd times and the ever popular "bun boy" stories. When I think of all those I just can't help but laugh. God was always providing us with Sam's comic relief during a rough time.

It was a stressful time but we sure did have fun.

Once again God will provide the right person for the job.

I think He just really has a sense of humor and enjoys seeing my sweat!!!! :) Besides EVERY trip to Guatemala so far has had an office issue attached to it. So.... I am hoping this is the sign Jake is coming home soon.

Have a good weekend.

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