Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Trust me folks this is not overkill either.

I have saved the Lester stories because they are sooooo very dramatic. Really overly dramatic on my part and my poor sweet husband who needs to get up and see really true sick people every day had to deal with this nights on end.

We had a mouse that came into the house over a month. About a week or two ago I named him Lester out of complete frustration. I would see him run through our room at night around 10:30 or so and I would scream and yell and make Blake chase Lester everywhere.

At one time we had over 10 mouse traps set in our room, our bath and our office. And we still didn't catch the little fat guy. I believe he was so fat that his belly actually would drag the ground. He wouldn't go into a mouse trap. He just wouldn't do it.

Now I can stand a lot but a mouse is not something I will handle at all. By the way we live in the country so a mouse will occasionally enter which makes this even crazier.

So Lester had to go. Blake doesn't believe in Decon. He doesn't want mice to die in the walls and smell. We have to use traps. So in a way it is his own fault I scream and cry.

I think the final night we saw him was the horrible night that I refused to get off the edge of the bathtub for about 45 minutes because Lester ran under the bed. In the end Blake felt my screaming ran him off. That was about 10 days ago and we haven't seen him since.

Most of the mouse traps have been moved to the basement.

Last night Lester stumbled into one and met his timely death in the water softener room. Unforntunately I didn't feel any sorrow when I was told. Honestly I just dance a little jig and said,, "YEAH"

No funeral service was performed. He was just wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown into the garbage can.

So long Lester. I have to admit, it wasn't good to know you but you did cause me to pray a whole lot more than I had been so I guess it was a good thing you came around. Now I need to get up and start doing all of those things I promised God I would do when you stepped into that trap!

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DebbieT said...

Cindi, you are FUNNY!!! I'm so glad Lester is now just a memory, but so glad you shared him with us. You made me smile this morning! DebbieT