Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Sunday my mother called and asked the kids to come over and ride horses.

Anabeli took quite the interest in horses in the fall but it was getting too late in the year for her to ride outside.

So after rest time we went to grandma's house for a ride. Anabeli and Marvin were both so excited. It was so great. I enjoyed watching both of them ride.

Tonight I am posting Anabeli's pictures and tomorrow I will post Marvin's pictures.
Her first few seconds up on a horse. Her cousins and aunt Sandra were around to make sure she didn't fall off or get too scared. She was such a big girl and immediately fell in love with riding.

She is too busy watching Maggie. After this picture she began sliding off the saddle.
BIG smiles for everyone.

Hey mom. This is fun. I want a horse. Would you tell dad?

What do you mean more practice? I am the best there is.

We are ready for our pictures and then Miss Libbie and Miss Anabeli will ride off into the sunset.

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