Sunday, May 11, 2008


I just have to put a shout out to my FAVORITE bow shop.

Holly is the mommy to two guat tots- Gia and Nino. She recently opened an internet bow shop. I ordered several for Bell Bell's hair. I received them and LOVE them.

The big thing I like about Holly's site is YOU pick the colors for your bows. You have full control. Nothing about your bow is designed for you unless you want help. She has tons of ribbons to choose from.

When I had a dress with lots of colors I sent her a picture and she designed the absolute perfect bow for the dress. Now I can only hope it warms up in enough in Ohio to wear a sun dress.

If you have little girls or know of little girls, look her up and be amazed. She offers great bows at great prices with great service.

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Angel said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Little gift for ya on the blog. Hugs, Angel