Monday, May 12, 2008


Today is a resting day for Anabeli and Marvin. Not much is going on. They didn't even want to take their baths until a little before noon.
In the family room they have the TV on Disney Channel. In our room they have the TV on Nick Jr. This way they can wander around and play and watch what they want.
As I was getting them undressed in our bathroom for bath, Franklin came on Nick Jr. and I started to screech along.
"Here comes Franklin. Comin' over to play."
Marvin stopped me right there. "I don't want Franklin to come play at my house."
"Why not?" I asked
"Mom, don't you think it is weird for a turtle to talk? Animals don't talk. Animals don't wear clothes. Animals don't have friends and go to school. He can't come here."
All I could say is "Oh".
This coming from a child who believes Spiderman is real. Go figure.

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