Friday, May 9, 2008


There are things that every mother loves to get for Mother's Day.
-a sweet little handprint
-a cute coloring page
-a handmade card
-a flower lovingly grown and cared for by precious hands
-a macaroni necklace
-a cheerio bracelet
-a gorgeous stripped kitten for a highly allergic mommy
That is what Ann brought me home today.
A pretty little kitten. He was a stripped kitten with predominant black stripes. The tips of his ears and paws were black and he faded into a carmel color stripe. He was very vibrant.
Bebe (as she and Kierstan called him) was sweet. He chased string. Bounced all over the room and was all around joy in the shape of a fur ball.
But the problem is I am terribly allergic to cats. I have had two allergy tests in the last 10 years both times I have had two allergic reactions that have left scars, cats and ragweed.
Ann knows this. She has also been on me for about a month for a cat. So with Mother's Day this weekend she decided to surprise me with Bebe.
Once again I explained that although Bebe was a sweetie he could not live in the house and we had three dogs that prevented him from living outside. Not to mention the fact I now have six children to care for along with the three dogs.
I did make the mistake of petting him and letting him play on the back of my office chair. About 30 minutes later I called Ann down and showed her the huge, ugly welts on my neck and back.
When I told my mother this story I laughed and said if I let her keep the cat it will kill me. "Maybe that is what she is after." she jokingly said.
Hmmm. Maybe she is on to something.
So Bebe was packed up and taken back to his first home. At least that is what they promised me they were doing. I am so hoping he does not come back home with them tonight.
I suggested Kierstan give Bebe to her mother but she didn't think it would go over well.

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