Friday, May 16, 2008


Angel is going to try and come up with a little ditty for me. It seems to always work for her. The minute she posts a song, she gets the news she is waiting for. Bless her heart she is leaving for China in a few short days to pick up Kaiya and yet she is still working on a song for Jake.

But in the meantime, I was singing to the kids tonight and came up with my own, not as good as Angel's but the best I can do.

To the tune of "Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?"
Oh where oh where
has Jake's birth certificate gone?
Oh who oh who has it now?
I want my baby to come home now
so RENAP let us go soon.
Oh when oh when
will my Jakey come home?
Oh when oh when will it be?
He needs his mommy to rock him to sleep
oh when oh when will it be.
Oh please Oh please
let it be soon.
My mind can't take much more.
The days are long and the nights are too
Oh please end this real soon.
So that is it. The best I can do. Angel, see why I asked for your help?????
In all seriousness, please pray that we hear something soon and this mess can end. We are so close but so far away.


Angel said...

Hey girl! I love it. How about this- same tune...

Oh why, Oh why is it taking so long?

Why oh why could this be?

Just pass it along.. and send him on home...

He belongs right here, home with me.

:0) HUGS, Angel

Michelle Riggs said...

I love BOTH songs. I missed where you posted about the birth certificate. Are you waiting for a Mixco one?

Praying that you are pink soon.

Amy said...

I like them too! I'll sing it for you too here in the quiet of my own little house (cause no one else would want to hear me!) Hope it works- Praying! Amy