Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Oh man. I can't believe this. It has been so very dry in Ohio.
Last night I was sitting on the bed after posting and saw Lester Jr. run through the bedroom.
I have got to admit this was better than the spring time when I stood on the side of the bathtub FOREVER.
I just screamed at Blake. His response was immediate and very clear. "Oh no. We ARE NOT going to do this again. I refuse to stay up all night while you wait for the mouse trap to click. Go to sleep."
I promised not to stand on the tub or scream if he gathered all the traps hidden under the bed and reset them.
This man has got to be the most patient man in the world.
So Lester Jr. will hopefully meet his doom soon. Every morning now I have to get up and set off about 10 traps before Jake gets up then Blake needs to reset them before bedtime.
The only thing I dislike about my wonderful home is the woods behind me (ours) and the fields all around us.
He promised on Wednesday he would reset all the basement traps, etc. If this man would just let me use DECON he wouldn't be up all night. :)
I have been watching tonight but haven't seen him yet......

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