Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here I sit in my ofice looking at at a huge mess made by a two year old. Crayons were dumped. Papers scattered. Trash can turned over.
I follow the trail into our bathroom. A load of dirty laundry on its way into the laundry room is turned over. Bath toys are thrown everywhere.
Into the bedroom where I trip over more toys. Find an empty candy box (Uh NO). And then find a two year old ripping up the telephone book with a big smile on his face.
I should be upset but rather I rush over and pick him up giving him a big hug.
Now I have snot on my clothes and in my hair along with the huge mess to clean up.
Because on top of the sticky, icky mess everywhere I have a normal two year old boy behind it all.

Thank you God for this precious child who has turned my world upset down. I LOVE IT!
P.S. Thanks for the mess too it reminds me of just how far he has come in eight weeks!

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