Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where oh where?

Where oh where does that high pitched, ear shattering scream come from?

We haven't had a screamer until now. I don't like it at all.

This afternoon Sam and I and the three young ones went to Columbus. We had a ton of errands. Shoes for the three, pants for Sam, a stroller for Jake, a new spikey ball for Jake's surgery on Monday and a kitchen trash can.

That last item has been a huge project for over a week now. I get caught up on the dumbest things and can't seem to find something and get on with life. I guarantee I have managed to see every "stainless steel" trash ever made now.

I am sure that child screamed 50 times. Our day was really long and Blake was having a long day also. He picked up Jesse and they met us at Smokey Bones for supper. Sure beats the sandwiches and chicken soup I had planned.

I felt so bad for the people around us. It is one thing to listen to that wonderful noise when it is you precious angel. It is another thing to hear that noise from the little brat next to you.

I am so out of ideas on this one. I have tried saying no, covering his mouth lightly and saying no, ignoring it, pulling my hair out, ear plugs and the list goes on.

Tonight I am just hoping a good night's sleep will solve the problem.

Jake is learning his colors but is fascinated by the word "yellyo". Everything is yellyo. He knows he is wrong, because if I say try again he always comes up with the right color.

Anabeli was able to find a yellyo ball tonight. He screamed and smiled so big. The rest of the evening he would look at it, smile and say "mine yellyo ball". He is now sound asleep with his head on the yellyo spikey ball.

I wish everything wrong in life could be fixed by a yellyo ball. :)

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Phyllis said...

Thinking about you all today and praying Jake's surgery went well.
Phyllis & Kristen