Saturday, February 21, 2009


OK I know I will regret this post in a few months but I am beginning to wonder if it will EVER warm up.
We are supposed to get 2-4 more inches of snow today. I am really tired of the cold weather.
It takes so much longer for bath time with each child. All three need to be covered in baby oil to keep skin soft.
Going anywhere is a hassle with coats, mittens, hats and all the usual things.
Yesterday I just had the two boys when I took Marvin to the doctor and it was still a long haul.
Thankfully Jake likes the stroller and I don't need to carry him . Marvin is such a slow walker I thought we would both freeze in place.
Today the snow is already starting to fall and it should continue all day.
Looks like a good day for a pot of chili after Sam's basketball game.
I really don't like 90 degree weather but at this time I am so tired to be cold, dry and sick I am willing to suffer the heat.
Spring will come. I keep repeating that phrase several times a day.
I hope I start believing it soon.

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Mary Ann said...

I knowhatou mean! I am summer girl!!! Sorry to hear that your little guy had an ear infection! Hope he is much better now!