Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We have a little white dog named Caesar. He is cute but can be somewhat annoying.

He loves Ann and with Ann home all day he sits with her while she studies.

Sometimes he wanders down to play a little with the kids. He really likes Jake.

A few weeks ago Jake and Caesar spotted a lone Cheerio on the floor at about the same time. They looked at each other and took off for the Cheerio.

Caesar made it there by a hair and scarfed the Cheerio. Jake, not to be outdone, grabbed the dog, opened his mouth, removed the Cheerio and popped it into his mouth before I even knew what happened!!!

It was so gross. But I also knew at that time Caesar really would look after Jake and they really seemed to bond over that shared Cheerio. If I were Caesar I might have decided to practice my biting on that little boy.

Our family room is huge. We have two sofas facing each other in the front and behind the sofa is a gigantic play area. The boys were back there playing while I was at the "beauty shop".

While I was allowing me new 4 year old stylist rip my hair out, umm I mean style my hair, I heard Marvin say, "Fetch dog." Jake just laughed like crazy.

He has been trying to teach Caesar to fetch for quite a while.

He clapped and said good boy. This went on for a few times and then he said, "Speak like a dog. Go ruff, ruff." Silence.

"I said speak like a dog. Go ruff ruff." Silence except for laughing.

"Oh well fetch the ball." The ball came rolling by me and the dog right after it but I was shocked.

The dog was a little boy named Jake just laughing away. He fetched the ball and took it back to Marvin just giggling like crazy.

I asked Marvin, "What are you doing?"

"Playing with my dog."

"Oh. That's not your dog. That's your brother. "

"I know but I want a dog right now, not a brother."

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Mary Ann said...

I had alot of catching up 9reading)to do! Looks like you are as busy as I am. These kiddos keep us going don't they!Esp. as they get older it gets worse! Your kids are precious and glad to hear everyone is doing ok!We had bad wind too! But not 74 mph. Geese!Hope you get to watch Lost this week. We too are huge fans!